2004 Discovery 2 for trade? Sale?


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I'm just tossing around an idea out there is someone has some interest to see if there is a match. I have a mint 2004 Discovery 2 that I bought last December. It had a "new" rebuilt engine put in within 7,000 miles with a new block (4.6L V8), 127.000 on chasis. The interior is mint and outside is basically perfect. Some tiny, micro scratches but pretty perfect. 3 inch lift, Steel bumper, winch. No dash lights, runs awesome. I bought the vehicle for 21K ( I wanted close to a show vehicle) and have since put in about $4,000 in preventative repairs. New Cat converter, re-done front end, new headlights, repaired oil leaks, etc.
I'm honestly not really looking to get rid of the rig but just being honest, I miss having a truck and well, I like having new rigs for a while and then trying something new. If you have something in this price range and you are looking for one of the nicest Disco 2's out there, let me know what you've got! I'd be willing to add or subtract some cash for the right thing. I'd be interested in Tacoma, 4runner, Land Cruiser, VW Doka, etc.

I take meticulous care of my vehicles. I also have 91 VW Syncro Westy and 2017 Mercedes Sportsmobile...neither of those are for sale or trade. :)

Sorry, I'm at work and these are only 2 pictures on my phone. Not going to go crazy with all the details unless there is some interest! Vehicle is in Bend, OR
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Well, its not the standard beater. I've found with all my vehicles, you get what you pay for...… And, if you buy one with a nice body, drop and a new engine in and do all the modifications, it gets up there really quickly.