2004 Chevy Astro AWD Cargo Van For Sale


2004 Chevy Astro AWD Cargo
89,000 miles
Auto Lifting/Closing Camper Top from Colorado CamperVan
2" lift with brand new OEM Heavy Duty Astro Springs, and adjustable rear shackles 2",3",or 4" (also including brand new S-10 springs, and re-indexed torsion keys, if you decide you want more lift in front or softer springs in back)
New Shocks, measured and fitted to allow for 2"-4" lift
Very stout passenger swivel base (made by Expedition Portal forum member Johnny5)

Bought this van in 2015 with intentions to build into a stealth overlanding machine. Had the pop-top installed in March of 2016. Unfortunately, we decided to buy into a new company at about the same time, so this project took a back seat while we built our company. Fast forward to 2018 and I finally got back to working on the van. I installed the swivel seat, a new suspension, new body mounts all around, and swapped the stock clamshell spring clamps for much stouter and traditional U-bolts and top plates. Shortly after completing the suspension work we found out we were having a baby, and decided this vehicle set up was no longer going to work for us.

The camper top has a high quality memory foam bed, 4 dimmable LED lights, and a Fantastic roof vent that works as either a fan or a vent (variable speeds), and can be set to automatically close if rain is detected. I also had Colorado Camper Van add triple wall insulation (helps with heat,cold,light, and sound), as well as Yakima rails to the roof so I could attach solar panels. The bed in the camper top is 6' long, and 42" wide, with 34" of headroom space between the bed platform and the ceiling. With the pop top opened, and the bed panels stacked at the front (to allow for walking around in the van), the standing height is over 79 inches. You can raise and lower the camper top via a switch inside the van, or with the wireless remote. The top alone cost me about $7,000. (invoice available upon request)

The good:
The van runs great, has low miles, AWD works flawlessly (is awesome in the snow!), power windows and locks function properly, transmission shifts like new, seats are in really nice condition, has aftermarket stereo and speakers, Camper top is basically brand new and looks and functions as so (installed in 2016, but we only got around to camping in it a total of 6 nights)

The bad: (with pictures to show)
There are a few dents and dings and both rear doors are creased from being over extended (the door stops were removed by previous owner to allow for them to open all the way). There is a small amount of surface rust on the front passenger side fender (no bubbling or rot, just a spot where water got between the paint and metal and made the paint flake off). The small plastic grab bar on the passenger side of the dash is missing. The ABS light is on. The horn recently stopped working. (I think it's the horn itself, as the fuses are all fine and the horn sounded like a dying duck when it was working). AC not currently working - may just need recharged.

The van has stock sized tires, but will easily fit 29's. (31's if you decide to use the reindexed torsion keys), and I'm also including a brand new transmission cooler that I never got around to installing. (thought it might be nice to have once I added the weight of a full camper build.)

As far as I know, there aren't any companies left that offer pop-tops for Astros, so aside from home-built options, this is probably one of the last ones ever fitted.

Van is located in Denver Colorado, and currently registered and titled in Kentucky, with current tags.
This van is very mechanically sound, and I wouldn't hesitate to drive it any distance. You could feel comfortable picking it up in Denver, and driving it to wherever home is.
The price is $12,000



A Son of the Purple Sage
Gosh, where’s the love?😘

Ignoring the ABS and A/C issues....😙.... This sweet little AWD rig looks like it could be a great start for someone wanting to built out a simple stealth camper! The tall CCV pop up top addition really makes it unique.

And now that it’s on EBay you should be able to get it at a more affordable price.