2004 4Runner

Congrats. Also have 04 with 4.7. Quite a sleeper. Especially when youre already doing 80 on the highway and some jack ass passes you then you blow his doors off as you go back by.
Thanks for the comments. I am looking forward to setting it up as my Expedition Vehicle. I will be evaluating and trying to figure out my first upgrades.
Congrats on the new toy. I have a 2006 v8 4runner, nearly 200k on the clock now. We shopped long to find a v8. Totally glad we did. The xreas shocks were bad, so I put a toytec lift with bilstiens. Cost less than new xreas shocks! The toytec system has been on it for 3 years now, and I have been totally happy with it.
I was shopping for a 4th gen and favoured the v6.

I found a v8 that was clean, so I bought it. Now I'm not sure I ever want go back to a v6... my wife has a 2013 4runner and I'd rather drive my 2005 with the v8.
The 4th gen is a highly underrated overland vehicle. The v6 is good; the v8 is better IMHO (especially since fuel economy doesn't change too much going from one to the other).
I have found some issues. Toyota dealers says the rack and pinion, power steering pump and hoses need to be replaced. I took in for a mysterious battery drain. If its sits for a couple days, it won't start and of course they could not duplicate that problem.
I have made some progress on the 4Runner.

Replaced the rack and pinion. The hoses and pump appeared to be ok and are not causing any problems.

I have tracked down the battery drain issue and I have determined it is the stock JBL system. I pulled the two radio 20 amp fuses and the battery has no drain issues now. Eventually I will replace the radio with an aftermarket unit with Bluetooth and backup camera capability.

Ordered what I though, was multible bulbs for the climate control unit. I only received one and changed that today.

Other issues that I have tackled was a bad gas cap which was giving me check engine errors. I replaced it was a Toyota gas cap and fixed that problem except now I need to do a zero calibration reset clear the VSC errors.