2003 G500 Broken Shock Mount


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I’m new to G ownership and still trying to figure a few things out. Has anyone experienced a broken rear top shock mount (passenger side or otherwise)? Mine has rusted past the point of structural integrity and completely separated from the cross member that the factory welded it too. Upon further inspection I come to find that the coil spring bumpers (both sides) have also rusted away from their seats and are bouncing around inside the spring. I’ve resourced all the parts at very little expense but my concern is A-is this common B-is their a good or better than obvious way to make these repairs? Any input and feedback is appreciated


Those upper mounts are known to rust if they aren’t washed regularly. While I wouldn’t say that replacement is common, it is documented. In either pointedthree or clubgwagen sites there is a thread which describes welding in new mounts. It can be done without removing the body if that’s what you’re afraid of.


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I replaced both rear upper mounts on my 2003 g500 few years ago. not that bad a job. saws-all, grinder and a mig welder. new mounts from MB and a couple of sections of DOM tubing that slide tightly into the org tube cross member.