2003 Ford Excursion 7.3 Turbo Diesel


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Asking price: $20,000 O.B.O.
Location Northern Virginia (USA)

I bought this truck a few years ago with the intention of making it a full time overland expedition vehicle. I have done a few trips with this and the truck has performed well for my needs. The biggest damper in the plan was that my wife was not getting comfortable sharing co-driver duties on this big rig and it was just me doing the driving. So, as a family, we have decided to sell this and downsize. These trucks were built for a limited time between 2000 - 2005, and they are becoming hard to find in this nice condition. A lot of the northern trucks are becoming rust buckets unfortunately. I found a nice LX470 local to me that I will be picking up this weekend to be used as the tow rig for expeditions in the future. I've documented most of the work done in the past 2-3 years of my ownership. Feel free to text/PM me for more information.

•2003 Ford Excursion 7.3 PSTD, Last year for this awesome motor.
•Mileage as of 3/11/21: 231700 (may be more when you come to see it)
•Rust free Florida truck until I brought it up to VA in 8/18. Never driven in the winters. I have a beater car for the winters.
•Trucks runs good, starts every time, shifts smoothly
•Stock Motor, upgraded to the Severe Duty Air Induction System
•Trail Ridge exterior mirrors
•05-07 style front end, with matching headlights, grille, front bumper (parts are not paint matched yet). Used a newer header panel instead of cutting the old one which was broken at the center supports.
•Morimoto LED fog lights
•'15 Platinum Rear Bumper and Running Boards
•'15 Platinum 20" wheels wrapped with General Grabber HTS 275/65/20 tires with ~7K miles on them, Spare is a matching full size with 0 miles
•PCM died within the first couple of months of my ownership. Replaced with a refurbished PCM that was programmed by Ford dealer.
•In the Summer of 2019, I went through with a preventive overhaul after the IDM died due to water intrusion. Changed all engine sensors CPS, IPR, ICP etc. with new Motorcraft sensors. IDM was replaced with a HiCurrent / HiVoltage unit from DTC (woke up the engine response a little)
•Viper Security & remote start (programmed for 30s delayed start to allow for glow plugs)
•Regular oil and oil filter changes at 5K intervals using Rotella T6 5w40
•Sometime in 2019, both batteries were replaced with Interstate batteries from Costco.

Here's are some chronological updates
•8/7/18: Bought the truck with 216K, oil changed before driving from FL to VA
•8/9/18: Replaced the Jelly bean outboard mirrors with Trail Ridge mirrors from 1A Auto
•8/10/18: Oil changed again at 218K, replaced Pennzoil with Rotella T6 5w40
•8/14/18: Replaced the header panel with an 0507 style along with newer style headlights from an 07 superduty
•8/17/18: Replaced both front hub bearings with Timken bearings
•9/3/18: PCM & Other Sensors replaced
•11/16/18: Viper Security & Remote Start install.
•11/16/18: All 4 ball joints up front, and Centerlink replaced.
•12/24/18: Swapped out front shocks to KYB Monomax
•12/24/18: Swapped out to 20" Superduty Wheels and 275/75/20 General Grabber HTS Tires with 2" spacers
•1/1/19: Hellwig Rear Sway bar and front Bilstein steering stabilizer installed
•1/10/19: Replaced Steering Gear to fix slop in steering
•2/3/19: Gave it a facelift with '05 front end and '15 rear
•2/22/19: Swapped out the running boards for a set off of a '15 Platinum SD CC and took off the cross bars from the roof.
•Feb/March 2019: Replaced 2nd row bench seats with captain’s chairs. All seats recovered with new covers from the seat shop.
•8/4/19: Upgraded to the T444E IH HD water pump with integrated coolant filter, Filled with Shell Rotella TLC coolant
•8/4/19: Installed new MC CPS, ICP, IPR
•8/4/19: 220K Oil changed, Fuel filter replaced, transmission flushed, serpentine belt replaced
•8/8/19: Replaced the IDM with a rebuilt HVIDM unit from DTC after the original IDM failed due to water intrusion
•12/14/19: 225K Oil Cooler Changed; Oil Cooler O-Rings replaced; Drained & Refilled Shell Rotella ELC Coolant.
•2/25/20: 230K Oil changed, Coolant filter checked, fuel filter checked, belts checked, air filter checked,
•Sometime in 2019 or 2020: Replaced head unit with Alpine iLXW650.

Some things to be fixed. None have affected the normal usage of the truck
•There is still a little bit of slop in the steering that needs to be adjusted
•Lock actuator in rear passenger door needs to be replaced. Doesn’t lock with the power lock button. Manual locking works fine.
•Rubber seal in rear hatch needs to be replaced as there is a small water leak during heavy rain.
•The speedometer is off due to larger size tires than stock. Can be reprogrammed with appropriate tools or at the dealer.

Picture Gallery Link https://unleashd.smugmug.com/EX4Sale/nqMfrmD

•I live in NOVA very near the Washington Dulles Airport. You can fly in, buy, and drive back easily
•We will conduct the financial transaction at my CU. There is currently a lien on the truck, that I will release immediately after we sign a BOS and I receive the payment. Lien Free Title will be available within 2 weeks. You can bring temporary tags to drive the vehicle home. Don’t fret it. I have sold a few vehicles this way and have not had any problems the past. Unfortunately due to Covid, it is nearly impossible to walk into the DMV to get the title immediately. Their turn around times have been good for mail in applications.
•This will be a cash / bank funds transfer transaction face – to face in-person only with the buyer.
•You are welcome to schedule a pre-purchase inspection at any shop of your choice within 20 miles of 20171. I will be happy to bring the truck out to that shop at a time that is convenient to me.
•I may accept a certified bank check from a National bank but will hold the title and vehicle until the funds are in my account.
•I can assist with shipping if the buyer arranges for everything. I will not release the vehicle until funds are in my account.
•You can text me at (571) 921-4647 or DM me here.