2003 E350 Ford Ambulance 4WD and high roof


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4wd Ford Ambulance E350 (High top)
Looking for $24,000 CAD, but make me an offer :)

Hey there! Sad to see my project go but with everything happening this year, turning my head in another direction

This 2003 high top Demers Ambulance is your essential ticket to quarantining in the backroads this summer. Camperize it or just throw in your dirt bikes.

The good:

Quigley 4wd installation done last may. $20,000 USD

Brand new transmission done last April. $5500

Ambulance seating and electric is gutted, ready to be insulated and built out

High top, if you’re under 6’0 you can fully stand up

200,000km 7.3 L ford engine, the best engine ever made—bulletproof

Diesel, with lots of space to convert to veggie

Lightweight fiberglass shell in the back

2 side doors, 2 storage doors, 2 rear doors
Fleet maintained for its career on Vancouver Island

Makes a statement and covert camper

Drove it to Alaska and back last summer and it purred

The bad:

Few minor dings here and there from a good life on the road

Paint job is still fully that of an ambulance so sometimes people try to wave you down

Steering has a bit of play, you can get used to it easily, but a new steering box will cost about $1500-2000 for installation

The ambulance has 998000 on the odometer, but only 220,000km on the new engine and less than 30,000km on the new transmission

populousmap_67890364_2894664590560168_2098619877473218069_n (1).jpg

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