2003 Chinook Baja, California, $65,000


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These are pretty neat. They come up for sale every so often. I remember seeing this on about a year ago.


Listing says the fiberglass frame has a lifetime warranty. Warranty from who? The Chinook that built this no longer in business...


Actually, Chinook is back in business but I’m not sure if the new owners of the brand are supporting these legacy units.



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Nice. Bet that gets about 7MPG.
We own a 2000 Chinook Baja 4x4 with the Quigley conversion. It is very similar to this one that is currently for sale. For 2 people it is wonderful. Full wet bath, kitchen, 4K Onan, king sized bed, heated grey and black tanks,12k winch, A/C, solar panel, forced air furnace, etc. Ours has a Triton V-10. We run A/T Toyos . Over the last year, (on the highway) we average 10-12 mpg at 65-70 mph. 7-9 mpg around town. We have owned 6 previous rigs, 2 Big Foots, 2 Alaskans, a 4Wheel pop up, and a 36' RV, this is by far our favorite. FYI-I just checked the ad and it is no longer up. I have a feeling that this is a scam or hoax of some kind.
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