2002 Kamparoo Weekender Transcontinental Pak - with mods!


It's time to let my Roo go to another family who will enjoy it as much as we did. Our daughter pretty much grew up in this camper, starting with a pack n play to an adult size cot. I got another camper pretty much just like the Kamparoo with some improvements and don't have a need for both campers.

This unit came from the factory with a tiny lift and a TREG hitch receiver. The tires are 225 75 15 but I'll need to check when I get home. This thing has more ground clearance than my 4" lifted 80 series Landcruiser on 35s! I've taken this camper up and over Elephant Hill, Lockhart Basin, Death Valley, Mojave desert and all over NM/UT & AZ.

We all have different philosophies on what we want out of an offroad trailer and mine were that I HAD to be able to exist inside during crappy weather. I want to be able to cook inside and weight out a storm, but I didn't want to sit on a bed for hours playing cards and this camper fits that bill nicely. You can also change clothes like a HOMOSAPIEN because the ceiling height at the peak is nearly eight feet!

This trailer checks in at 2400# wet with a tongue load of 400#.

Like with any projects, if you have a good foundation to begin with, cool things emerge as your wants/needs change. Over the years, I've added the following items and I'm sure I’m forgetting few things:

  • Full size bed on a 4” foam mattress. You can add a topper if you wish
  • TREG hitch receiver system from South Africa.
  • complete rooms for BOTH sides of campers. I've only setup one side but have all canvas and poles. These are not your cheesy EMT conduits from home depot. These are heavy arse poles that are quite beefy. The canvas is ridiculously heavy and thick.
  • Pull out kitchen drawer
  • All windows have - plastic layer, no seeum screen layer and total dark outer layer. So, you can have light w/o losing your heat or dirt coming inside. Or zip down the plastic layer but leave up the screening up for fresh air w/o bugs.
  • Low profile deck that's completely flat with a rack on top for bikes/kayaks/canoes/etc. Previous guy hauled a small ATV on it for hunting.
  • Tows like a dream and tracks the tow rig wonderfully
  • Slipper springs with no shocks. While this is a noisy suspension while wheeling, it retains composure quite nicely and I have never wanted to change it. It follows the KISS principle. Factory slipper springs were ditched in favor of American made springs at a local spring shop. They bent the springs exactly to the height I wanted.
  • Add A room with solid walls and a second Add A room with screen walls (going off memory here)
  • When closed, no canvas is exposed to the elements.
  • Underbed Storage that can be accessed from driver side of camper (without opening) which contained:
    • Three camp chairs
    • One rollup camp table
    • All poles
    • All canvas
    • Four pillows
    • One Walmart tent (for noisy spawns)
    • One telescopic broom with attached plastic dust pan
    • Rolled up sleeping bag in its own bag
    • Wool furniture blankets (for misc use, extra heat to go over a sleeping bag)
    • One adult cot
    • Wheel chocks
    • One telescopic rake (for raking flammable stuff away from a camp fire pit)
    • hand full of super soakers
  • Espar heater with seven day programmable Tstat and diagnostic code retriever (have manuals and parts). One tiny tank of Diesel or Kerosene lasted most of one camping season for me. So nice to get up inside a toasty camper in the morning. The wife was happy, which meant I got a decent breakfast.
  • Shurflo on demand RV pump (with surge tank) for kitchen faucet and a shower spigot. The spigot is great for attaching a garden hose for showering or washing the dog!
  • upgraded the dinky plastic sink with a larger, SS sink
  • Doubled the width of kitchen drawer with a simple 1/8" alum plate and a broom stick. Yeah, I know, I know. It was meant to be temp but works so well I left it!
  • Ditched the square tubing AUST light weight axle housing in favor of a Dexter 3500#s axles with 10" elec drum brakes WITH the manual parking brake option. Still need to add the parking brake lever as it's been sitting on the shelf for three years.
  • interior overhead LED light strip (warm white)
  • interior 12vdc socket.
  • exterior led light strip (warm white) under the sink for indirect area lighting.
  • Fulton HD jockey wheel on the tongue.
  • Ditched the dinky plastic water tank and installed two 10g insulated water tanks over the axle.
  • This is the biggest mod - complete replacement of tongue and frame with a 2"x4"x1/8" rect tubing that goes all the way back to the leaf spring perches. This allowed me to have a larger tongue for bin storage and at a comfortable height for me and my ladies. The factory tongue frame was bolted on and didn'tconnect to the main box to my satisfaction. Now, she's one unit and solid as a rock. Towing her is even more fun now she just behaves better. I can't explain it with words, exactly. If you want close up pics of my welding abilities, let me know and I’ll take some. I have all build pics
  • one deep cycle 12v battery with a solar charger with controller.
  • Large black plastic storage box on the tongue with a built-in light on the lid.
  • Jerry can holder on the driver side
  • Fire wood holder on the passenger side
  • Two water and dust proof containers from the Container store.
  • 10# propane bottle on the tongue
  • Replaced the hand crank winch with an ATV winch from Harbor Freight. It just had to be done and cleaned up the tongue area nicely. Now, you can walk around the camper and tuck in the canvas while using the remote winch controller.
  • 7 pin RV plug with camper battery charging ability. Plug has the built in LED lights to help with trailer or tow rig wiring troubleshooting.
I have no pics of both room setup as I don’t think I’ve ever done it, except for once on the driveway just to check things out. If I do setup both sides, I’ll update this thread with pics.

Well, I think that’s about it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Kamparoo is located near Albuquerque, NM. My asking price is $6,800/obo.

I have the right to cancel this for sale ad any time as I’m advertising it locally.


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I Hate Off Camber
Ive seen this camper up close and it is very cool. The owner is also a little OCD so you know its well taken care of! Good luck Ali!


I have the Aussie swag version of the same trailer and we have loved ours as well One of the best trailers without being a hard side that you can find. Thy are lite and tow like a dream, set up in a few minutes, we've had ours all over the US and Baja. Someone will be very happy and good luck with he sale.