2001 WJ


2001 WJ 4.0L with the np242 case and a dana 30/35

first time off-road, bone stock

got some new headlights

broke my 1st steering stabilizer

cb installed

added a brush guard with some custom d-rings, 2" budget boost and bigger A/T's

new pads and rotors all around

added some KC Daylighters

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some wheelin'

IRO xcase skid

buddy made some light brackets on my a-pillar

took a trip to Tennessee to go backpacking

when i got back i bought some Rigid LED lights



bought some new LED tail lights (stock ones giving me a lot of trouble)

finally bought a real lift....4" rough country x-series

6" WJ behind me

got some used MTR's and JK steel wheels

bought a 44a varilok

broke steering stabilizer number 2

WJ repair day

other 2 WJ's are on 8" of lift, i'm still on 4"

new moog steering stabilizer

beach day

my shoes floating :)

fun day

i look so small


one day i was out alone and this happened

had to ratchet strap my axle together and limp out to the road

so it was time to swap in the dana 44a...this day sucked, a friend did most of the work as i had a fever...had no strength....but it was the only day to do it.

44a installed...now i have a limited-slip :)


this hole claimed my 3rd steering stabilizer and my front tire

hi-lift tire change

driving around Merritt Island

most recent random pictures

the next big thing i'm buying are wheels and tires. going with Jegs d window and 265/75/16 Treadwright's M/T's


Nice rig, its good to see another WJ here. I thought your rig looked familiar and then I saw your JF sticker. I am a member there as well, but don't spend much time on anymore. Question; did you have to regear your front 30 to match the new 44a or did you already have the tow package with 3.73?


thanks. i already had the 3.73 gears...mine came with the tow prep package, forgot to mention it but i added the hitch and cut the bumper myself, it didn't come like that.


Nice looking Dub! I just got my OME HD based lift on and Some GY Durotracs in 245/70R17 studded on my '02. The freezing rain we had the other day was no match for my new found traction.


Awesome looking Dub dude. I have been contemplating selling my XJ and picking up a Dub w/ the V8. Keep up the solid work.



i picked up adj. lower arms for the rear and a new rough country a-arm, will be installing sometime in January. also getting new tires/wheels very soon.


It's good to see more WJ's on here!! Looking good. I've heard of others having that same rear spacer ripping out too. Glad you were able to get back off the trail, and home safely. What tires are you going to switch to? I loved my MT/R's with Kevlar until I upsized to 33's. I should've stuck with them over the Duratracks. I like hem, but not the same.


i already bought 5 d-windows from Jegs and i think i'll be getting the tires from Pep Boys, Definity Dakota MT's in 265/75/16. the MTR's i'm currently running i bought used and even though they have enough tread still on them, i am getting some really bad wobbling around 46-55 mph, everyone believes it's my tires and i'm convinced too.