2001 Sprinter 4x4 DOKA with camperbody CAD$ 75,000


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The time has come that we need to build a new truck for the 2020 season. Sadly our Sprinter has to find a new home. This truck is one of the most reliable, fuel efficient and fun vehicles I have ever owned. We imported the Sprinter in 2017 into Canada from Germany. In it's former life it was employed through a municipality to maintain hydro dams. Always maintained at dealerships. I can assure you that everything in and on the truck works as new. No oil leaks or funny noises. 5 Speed standard transmission, true 4x4 and low range. You actually hear the mechanics working when you press the pneumatic buttons. With it's 5 seats and low operating cost, I call it the perfect family adventure van. Can also flip the rear bench up to store your bikes or other gear inside!
Just in case you are wondering about parts availability: I already pre purchased the most difficult items (clutch, bearings, thermostat, belts, idlers....) everything else like oil filters and such are most times in stock at your local mercedes dealer! This especially is very impressive as this engine, transmission and 4x4 system has never been sold in North America.
In any case, please be aware that you can NOT legally import this truck into the USA! It's only 17 years old.

I'm in no rush selling it.... But will need room in our driveway at some point to start the new project. Please PM with questions.



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Will be in Vancouver on Monday if someone likes to see it in person, the following week at the North West Overland Rally in WA and right after at the BC Overland Rally in BC.

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