2001 Provan Tiger XL in PHX area


I was hoping no one would come across this when I saw it listed last week. :sombrero:

Been trying to determine if I can/should sell my van and some other things to make it happen but yes, price is high (consignment sale) though certainly low mileage and clean for a twelve year old vehicle.

It has most everything I prefer, though with things the way they are right now, ideally I should wait (hope) for an '03-'05 to come along down the road. I've even been giving more consideration to a truck-based CX lately even though I've always been interested in Astro-based XL version because I know the Astro so well.

I have so many ideas for one of these! :safari-rig:


The price does seem a little high but *if* everything is working, I don’t think you’ll find one any nicer than this. It looks super clean. I’d happily pay 21K-23K for it.

My 2005 RWD GT with 60K miles went for $22K. The obvious differences from mine – it’s an XL with all that storage in the upper cabinets, and its AWD. AWD XLs are rare. I’ve seen very few astro-based Tigers after model year 2000, lots from the 80s and 90s.

The lady who ordered mine evidently had to talk them into building it for her in 2005. From chatting with Dave Rowe, I gather they had moved the focus to the truck based CXs by then. If you’re holding out for a 2003-2005 astro, you may be waiting a long time.

I see these differences from mine:

It has nicer cushions than mine in the back.
It has the original captain’s chairs (I cringe a little seeing those big seats in that small space)
It has a 2 burner stove, mine had 3.
It has a satellite dish.
It has a nice enclosure for the generator and some sort of outside storage box on top of it.

The rear end might be a bit saggy, looks ok-ish but pics are deceiving. I put airbags and coilover shocks on the 05 GT and did a complete rebuild of the suspension on the 91 XL. You’d have to drive it and make sure it doesn’t bottom out on uphill turns. Check the driver side rear, it always sits lower than the passenger side cause of all the cabinets/tanks.

And ... take it to a gas station and fill it up. Yes even on a test drive – to make sure it doesn’t have slow-fill problem. If it’s full when you get there, be wary - drive it at least 20 miles then fill it yourself.

When Tiger extended the gas fill line to the rear of the coach, they created a long horizontal with a couple tight turns which causes the gas pump to cut off due to backfill. The earlier model Astros had a much larger diameter fuel fill line to the gas tank so less of a problem, but the later model ones … well, you’ll get to know ALL the locals by the time you dribble the gas in. I don’t know what year this changed but believe me, it’ll drive you crazy! There are workarounds, but use it in negotiating a better price.

Stroverlander, I can only imagine what you'd do with this one! (not to be a bad influence or anything :sombrero:)


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SOLD...or should I say PURCHASED! Negotiations went well and after a year and 3 month quest, I finally got my 1st Tiger :wings:. Great info Suntinez...thanks.


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I, too, send my congratulations . . . and now I can stop endlessly pondering whether I needed it. ;)

I suspect you'll enjoy the flexibility it gives you, and I hope that you'll follow the splendid example that Suntinez set with her Tiger GT travels and keep the ExPo faithful informed of your adventures.


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Thanks to all for the congratz...I absolutely agree Suntinez has set a fine example. For the past year, Suntinez's posts have fueled my fire for seeking out a Tiger. I will gladly keep you all updated on the upfits and adventures but, not until I get back from the Overland Expo... Good Times and Good Journeys to all...:victory: