2001 F350 4x4 7.3L Powerstoke Diesel all-purpose build


I am slowly getting all the photos in this thread updated.

Also the camper has now been mounted on a tandem axle water tanker trailer!

Por 15 paint and some new 2x6 pressure treated boards

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Yes I am keeping it. I had to sell my 83 Toyota pickup though. I was sad but very happy to keep this. I have a 53 willys truck too and had to let one of the 4x4's go. I was least attached to the 83.
Ill update more photos in the thread this evening


A few of the most current photos. I picked up a smittybilt 17.5k lb winch model x20 waterproof model with wireless remote. There is also a local guy here in northern california that builds Fusion style bumpers for these trucks with winch cradles. He does amazing work at a fraction of the cost of a Fusion bumper so he is building me one, hoping to pick it up this weekend. I will be installing a rear arb locker this winter as well. I will post pics as the build progresses. I plan on doing a decent amount of snow wheeling trips this winter before the snow gets too deep for this big truck. Also looking forward to the annual christmas tree cutting run with the in-laws and wife.

Just rolled over 135k miles this morning!!! the old truck is still in pretty good condition at almost 18 years old.

i have updated all the photos in the thread to Flickr so they are all viewable again.

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another mod i recently did but forgot to post

Floor mats dont slide around anymore! Got all the hardware from our small hardware store in town





Ammo box storage container with padlock mod from amazon, this has been the best mod ever i store straps drop hitches and hitch balls in it.












Bumper is all done!!!! I am incredibly happy with how it turned out. Thanks to a new local friend and fellow fabricator for all his hardwork. There is a cradle for the new winch as well. Off for bed coating on Monday.

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Bed liner was finished up yesterday, mounted the winch in the tray today. The 17.5k is a close fit but nothing rubs!
8 bolts mount the winch to the plate and 4 5/8" bolts fasten the winch plate to the framework on the bumper.
I will hang the bumper tomorrow, off to work for the rest of the day.
shoutout to Bidwell Truck Accessories for the awesome customer service and lightning fast turnaround time with the coating. The finish is PERFECT, they are the best in the county.

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One of the cleanest and most well put together 7.3s I've seen. That bumper looks great, keep it up.
Thank you sir!
how much $ was the bumper? it looks awesome!!!

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$650 but then I decide to have it professionally bed lined by arma coatings for another 200$ with uv protectant gloss topcoat. Arma coatings is a hot application bed liner, it looks just like linex. The closest linex is 1.5 hours away and they are crazy expensive to coat these small homebuilt parts. they wanted $400 :unsure: no thanks.
The winch was $684.00 free 2 day shipping from summit racing reno warehouse (winch weighs 125 pounds. I ordered it Fri. and had in on Monday!! I have been VERY happy with summits prices, shipping times and customer service lately.