2001 Disco 2 $6,400 - Bakersfield, CA


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This is my 2001 Discovery 2.
Ready for some overlanding adventures.
California vehicle from the dry Central Valley so rust is a complete non issue for it.
Desirable locking center differential. Many Disco 2's don't have the locking diff. Land rover did not put a lock lever on it, but it's still a locking center diff (it can be locked with a wrench under the truck when needed). I only really needed the locking center diff once (at the Oceano dunes) but I was glad I had it.
I've really enjoyed it, I'm just a Science teacher with compulsive car obsession and my wife has been understanding about it but I really need to detox and get down to one daily driver. Which this truly can serve as a daily.

Aftermarket front and rear bumper.
Air suspension replaced with struts.
Mild lift.
No 3 amigos, so the hill descent control and the ABS system work perfectly. This is a common issue with Disco 2's and the fix was achieved by providing an improved ground for the ABS control unit.
No check engine lights.
AC blows cold, heater blows nice and hot.
Runs nice and cool.
Leather interior is hardly worn, which blows my mind. Most drivers seats have rips galore at this mileage.
4.0 V8
Fresh O2 sensors, and MAF so it easily passes smog. I will smog check it for the buyer (if they are in a state that needs a smog test).
Drips a small amount of oil (very little considering it's a 20 year old Rover).
All electrics work. All window and sun roof actuators are good. Keyless entry and power locks work.

It has 173k miles.
I replaced the transmission with a 111k mile unit with a fresh transmission pan gasket and trans filter. Replaced the flex plate and the torque converter. It turned out it didn't need a new transmission, just a flex plate but I'd already bought the newer transmission before realizing it and had to pull the old one to get at the flex plate. So I figured, might as well replace it.
New oil pan gasket.
Resealed transfer case while I was at it.
Fresh oil, transmission fluid, transfer case oil, and coolant.

Located in Bakersfield, CA 93311. (Easy driving distance from LA).




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Undercarriage and a shot to show you how small the oil drip is.
Taken at my parking spot at work during 9th period prep, so it had plenty of time to sit there and form that tiny drop.
Like I said above, pretty darn dry for a British vehicle.
Also very rust free compared to what else is out there.
In Bakersfield we are never concerned about rust.


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Screenshot of what these go for on Bring a Trailer. Plus a price drop to $8k. I wish I had taken photos of it when we took it out adventuring. I'm the kind of guy who goes on a whole trip and doesn't take a single photo. Which is great in the moment but not so good for capturing the feel of what it's like to go on a journey in this beauty.


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Well, I dropped the price.
Maybe this will be the one I keep.
As my other cars are two sports cars and a sport compact I think this would be the best one to keep for contrast.
My wife loves it the most of all of them. Plus it's the only auto so we can both drive it. (Besides her daily drive which is quite vanilla, and I don't consider to be my car).
I think I may too, but really I just need to have fewer cars in my life.