2000 LMTV M1079A1 4x4 Overlander



** SOLD **

2000 Stewart & Stevenson LMTV M1079A1
Genuine US military Light Medium Tactical Vehicle
Original camo paint (CARC), equipped for cold weather
Caterpillar 3126 diesel engine; Allison 7 speed automatic transmission; 4x4
ABS; Central Tire Inflation System - driver controls tire pressure from cab
Tire-Safeguard Tire Pressure Monitoring System (shows psi & temp for each tire)
Cab has air ride for comfort; Snorkel behind driver

Initial service by Cat: radiator flushed then ELC; transmission flushed, filters, synthetic fluid; fuel filter, etc
Rear Locker by MTP Drivetrain Services (military contractor)
2:87 gears by MTP then speedometer calibrated by Cat
Engine flashed to 330 hp by Cat (stock was 275 hp)
Top speed was approximately 74 mph after regearing but we did not do a top speed run after increasing horsepower.

Habitat runs on solar, generator, plug-in electric or combination using hybrid inverter.
24V Solar system professionally designed and inspected:
4 Panasonic HIT 325W solar panels = 1300W; IronRidge mounting hardware
4 Victron Super Cycle AGM batteries 12V/230AH wired for 24V*
Victron MultiPlus Charger & Hybrid Inverter, battery monitor, MPPT
Victron BMV-702 temp sensor; VE.Bus Smart Dongle
Victron app allows detailed monitoring and control from smartphone or tablet
Blue Sea: AC panels, fuse blocks, etc; 4/0 AWG

6 Military Batteries (6TAGM): 4 for chassis + 2 for habitat’s 12V
Renogy 100 Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Kit (brings total solar to 1400W)
Generator: Honda EU2000T1A1 model 659820 with Hour Meter/Tach added
Progressive Industries Electrical Management System HW50C w/Smart Surge Protection
RV electric plug

60,000 BTU diesel fired heater for habitat; Blackout window shades
Nature's Head waterless composting toilet; Gray water tanks under chassis
Fresh water tanks under bottom bunk to resist freezing
39 gal main + 7 gal reserve; room for much more fresh water (about 70 gal total)
11 gal water heater (uses solar power or military diesel fired heater)
Thermostatic mixing valve for shower faucet
Shower base: 32x34” Sterling by Kohler (small residential)
Delta SS gooseneck faucet; SS sink; Culligan whole house water filter
Norcold refrigerator; Toshiba microwave; Stone Coat (epoxy) Countertop
Induction cooktop & butane stove are portable for cooking indoors or outdoors
Froli STAR modular bed systems with adjustable head rests
Heated mattress pads; Tablet holder above top bunk
Honeywell portable air conditioner/dehumidifier in habitat
Smoke detector; Carbon monoxide detector; Fire extinguishers in cab and habitat
Cellular signal booster (multi-band, omni antenna)

Stow N Go GlowStep (folding aluminum steps); 3M Safety Tread
Exterior storage boxes; Auxiliary fuel tank; Hella trumpet horn
Custom trailer hitch added below military pintel
Custom bicycle/e-bike rack with winch
Miscellaneous tools & spares included
Spare tire assembly on hydraulic arm
Cab tilts forward for engine access (hydraulic lift with manual backup)

Wireless 4 camera system with 7" monitor (cameras mounted top & bottom, front & rear)
Dash cam; Phone/tablet holder for driver (GPS use, etc.)
QDP Ceramic window tint by Global Window Films
Floor & Tunnel Shield - heat & sound insulation under cab
Diesel fired heater preheats engine & cab; electric engine heater also
Key-switch added to starter; Keys made for cab doors

We purchased this LMTV near Fairbanks in 2017 with 1359 miles then serviced the chassis, equipped the habitat and explored Alaska. Shipped to Seattle, drove to New Orleans then west to San Diego. Currently near Phoenix, has 16,300 miles. We have not had any breakdowns. Most of our overlanding/boondocking was done for free in the desert Southwest (National Forests, BLM, State Trust Land, etc.) Truck and habitat were continually fine-tuned and maintained by experienced full-time RVers. Attention getter, great for promotional use. Delivery negotiable.

*“4 Victron Super Cycle AGM batteries 12V/230AH wired for 24V”
4 x 230 = 920AH total 12V rating, however, these are wired 24V (which is more efficient) therefore 460AH.
This does not include the 4 military/chassis batteries, nor the 2 additional military batteries on the 12V solar system.
12V system runs habitat water pumps, exhaust fan, some LEDs, 12V outlets, etc.
24V system uses the hybrid inverter to run microwave, water heater, mattress warmers, electric sockets, etc.

Well equipped overlander. Could also be used as a portable solar/battery backup
for your home/office. Should run your home frig/freezer/TVs/computers/etc (check specs).
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Edit (update) 3/8/21: We’re back in the Phoenix area. $56,000 with everything listed in this ad. If there are parts you don’t need or want, we can remove them and deduct from the price. For example, the solar systems (panels, batteries, inverter, etc) would be worth several thousand dollars to us.
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Someone on eBay asked about the interior. Here was our reply:

The black box left of the microwave is a three drawer filing cabinet used for storage. The Norcold frig (or freezer) is to the right of the SS trash can. This chest style frig is on a slider for easy access. To the right is a gray two drawer cabinet that we used for storing papers. The water heater is under the sink and the shower is to the right. The two windows above the countertop are shown with blackout shades closed. (Handy in Alaskan summer when it doesn’t get dark until very late.) The tall metal cabinet to the right of the entrance was used as a pantry. We stored our clothing in the four pull out trays above the toilet. Note curved curtain rail for extra space in bathroom.

We traveled in this LMTV full-time so we prioritized storage space. The absence of veneer makes the interior easy to modify. There is room for a much larger water tank under the bottom bunk. We used some of that space for other storage but I figure about eighty gallons would be easily do-able. We carried eight one gallon bottles of commercially filtered drinking water under the Cabela’s chair. (Another folding chair is included but not shown.) The main tank holds water for “sailor showers” where we get wet, turn water off, soap up then rinse. Standard procedure for boondocking but we also use a foam soap that rinses quickly. We used paper plates and mostly cooked in the microwave so dish washing was minimum. Oh, I forgot to list the single burner induction cooktop and single burner butane stove that go with the truck. Both portable to cook indoors or outdoors.

Note also the water heater was installed as close to shower and sink as possible for the shortest hose and minimum waste. The thermostatic mixing valve in the shower helps too.

As for the extension on the front of the box, I understand that some came with an air-conditioner there. Ours came with a 60,000 BTU diesel fired heater (passenger side) and an exhaust fan (driver’s side). We switched to a more compact 12v exhaust fan so that area could be used for additional storage.


FAQ: top speed, cruising speed

No, it is not governed at 55 mph. That was approximate top speed in stock form but it’s been regeared and reflashed. We bought unusually tall 2:87 gearing so with the 330 horsepower upgrade, it should be one of the fastest 1079s out there. Top speed was approximately 74 mph after regearing but we did not do a top speed run after increasing horsepower. Driver (age 63) prefers cruising at 62-65 mph.

Shown by Class C RV for scale:

Edit: top speed per note found 10/11/20
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CTIS (central tire inflation system) to adjust air pressure from cab.
Changed transducer for higher pressure in highway mode.
Shown before window tint.


Glad hands (located front and rear) to air up other vehicles.
Camera is one of four (top and bottom mount, front and rear facing).
Custom trailer hitch below military pintel.
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Cab raised by hydraulic lift for easy engine access. Also has manual mode as a backup.
Shown in Fairbanks, Alaska in 2017 before modifications.
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Spare tire assembly on hydraulic arm w/manual backup




Stone Coat (epoxy) Countertop


1300W on 24V system: 4 Panasonic HIT 325W solar panels
100W Renogy 12V system (not shown) brings total to 1400W
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* OFF MARKET 11/19/20 *
Updated 3/1/21: $56,000 with everything listed in this ad. If there are parts you don’t need or want, we can remove them and deduct from the price. For example, the solar systems (panels, batteries, inverter, etc) would be worth several thousand dollars to us.


Next to a Humvee in St. George, Utah 2019
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Norcold frig/freezer on sliding tray, 11 gal water heater under sink
Nature’s Head toilet with curved shower curtain for privacy
Blackout shades shown closed above epoxy countertop
Removable, washable cushioned floor tiles


Electrical, microwave, portable AC/dehumidifier (white), SS trash can


Tablet holder, USMC woobies, removable safety net
Shown before improved circulation of 60,000 BTU heater


Rear doors swing open. Shown here with stock/bare floor.


Near zero radius SS sink, Delta gooseneck faucet, epoxy countertop


Thermostatic mixing valve, swiveling towel bars, 32x34” shower base
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CTIS control box under TPMS monitor; dash cam


7 inch monitor for 4 camera system; holder for large phone/small tablet; clinometer


Seats in good condition; large locking boxes



Folding aluminum steps; bike rack with winch; locking storage; cellular booster


Insulation added to reduce noise and heat in cab

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