2000 Land Rover D2


I have decided to sell my 2000 Land Rover D2. It has a DIESEL 4BD1T Isuzu, GMC NV3500 5 speed and Rover LT230 with diff lock. Custom adapters from Isuzu Diesel Swapper and a custom transfer case spud shaft made by Novak. Both motor and transfer case are gear driven, no belts or chains to change ever!

This is a running, driving, wheeling, solid excellent truck.
121K miles on truck (really only the axles and chassis/body left as stock). Synthetic fluids used throughout. Very little biodiesel has been run through motor.

Motor has a Schwitzer S200 extended tip turbo, 3 inch full exhaust, it could be tuned for a LOT more power. It goes well as it is. EGT and boost gauges in the cab.

New high cranking amp battery and engine block heater(starts fine in winter), Custom dual core all aluminum radiator, Tom Woods shafts NEW F&R CV's on both with u-joint conversion rear, NEW rear wheel bearings and ABS sensors. ARB side steps, Super solid custom front & rear bumpers, - welded and bolted complete with 12K winch. RTE lift springs, D1 rear spring perches, DBA rotors and Axis Ultimates pads. Stock thirds and axles.

Interior looks factory and is in excellent condition. Factory Rover clutch/brake pedal assembly and EVERYTHING works as it should. No lights on in the dash cluster, ABS and such working perfectly. Tach/temp/fuel reads correct etc. Factory glow plug indicator on dash functions as does the oil light and other functions.

Price: $10,000

Location: Jackson Hole, WY

E-mail: apalzkill at hotmail



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Very interesting conversion. Did you DIY and document it? Great to see information and photos on that if you did. Whats the gearing? How does it drive?


I love everything about this truck. In reading the other forum- I don't believe it will ever pass emissions anywhere. Period.


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Ha..how is it that this truck is up and around here again. I thought it was sold on ebay? Is roving beetle ...bugspray...ah seems buggy to me.