2000 ford Excursion camping/backcountry vehicle


Late Fall trip to Caballo Lake

Well I had been out of it lately and the call to visit Mother Nature had become strong. So we got to planing out our short trip. We knew it was going to have to be a weekend trip since work won’t allow for now anything longer. We considered an array of places but with the temperatures starting to drop below 30 we chose to stick by the lake. So Caballo lake here we came. road to caballo.JPG
I had just done some maintenance to my excursion so she was running great, 120 miles later and we arrived at our destination. We didnt realize that night fall came so quick so by 4:30 dusk was around the corner.
at caballo.JPG
We started setting up camp and our sleeping arrangements as soon as we cool thinking that the cold was going to catch us as the sun set.
setting up caballo.JPG
fire going caballo.JPG
To our surprise the cold didnt get bad until the later part of the night. We had out camp set up, dinner made and cracked open a cold one to enjoy the night away.
Morning stuck and after a night in the low 30s we woke up nice and fresh ready for some fishing.
morning view caballo.JPG
camsite at caballo.JPG
set up caballo.JPG
Had a chance to do some fishing and enjoy breakfast. The table mounted on the Excursion and butane stove served up breakfast nice and hot. As we continued to enjoy the day we new we would have to cut it short for we new we couldn't arrive to late back home.
our vehicles caballo.JPG
Before we set off a gentleman called our attention across from the lake. His battery had drained and he needed assistance jump starting his vehicle. We had a jumper pack on is and in no time his vehicle was jumpstarted and he was on his way.
saying goodbye caballo.JPG
leaving caballo.JPG
Though it was a short overnighter, it was well welcomed and properly enjoyed. We are planing a longer trip during December and till then nature will welcome us again.

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Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
by Tim Cahill
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Well it has been a while since the last update... the excursion overall has stayed fairly the same. We have just been enjoying it with the kids. The latest outing was to Leasburg Dam New Mexico. It was a very close drive from my home under 2hrs and must say beautiful stay. We got there on a Saturday evening knowing we were only going to be doing a one nighter.

We set up camp and decided to hit a little hiking trail to get to the playground.
With both kids enjoying the play time and us enjoying the beautiful desert sunset it was perfect timing to take a few pictures of the Excursion.
We headed back to camp and cooked up some killer Fajitas and quesadillas. Turned on the fire pit and enjoyed the night away. Morning came and we were all ready to hit another hiking trail. With egg and sausage burritos in our tummy We set off in look for the river and some adventure. We decided to take the Mogollon trail there and it was a sight worth seeing.
The last picture was of the water fall from the dam flowing. It was a great adventure and a great time out exploring #southwestoverlandIMG_0578.JPG


Well here we go again this time though we took the popup Jayco camper out to Elephant Butte. It was a sporadic trip, not really planned. We had just gotten home from a 22 day cross country road trip but we missed nature, so off we went.

The drive their was calming and we found the perfect spot ! We arrived at night so we set up camp quickly and had dinner. Shortly afterward we got comfy and hit the sack. The next morning we knew we wanted to head down to the lake to swim and relax and thus we did :)
We enjoyed the cold water of the lake since the ambient temperature was nearing 100 degrees. After hours of swimming with the kids we headed back to camp to make some food. We set up our area and relaxed even further.
For the next two days we repeated the same thing. We went swimming and relaxed, made some good food and at night we would relax watching a movie on our IPad. The weather was perfect, not scortching hot but the breeze and clouds made it feel very pleasant. We did have a few drizzle but nothing horrible. The last day we packed up and for a last time we headed once again to the lake to take one last dip. Funny part is this time the lake was vertually empty so we got to enjoy solitude and even the fish swimming around us. EF48FA64-FB0E-40E7-8315-7713732418EB.jpeg
We had a blast swimming and enjoying some much needed time to unwind from our coast to coast trip. What a way to end a epic summer.



Our last outing we had a chance to really get out and hike around nature. Our first stop was The Catwalk near reserve New Mexico. I must say it is a must visit if your able to. Here is a few pictures.

Even though that was beautiful the trip continued.

We finally got to the Grand Canyon and man what a sight of major beauty.

Our next adventure is around the corner and cant wait for the time to come.


After a much needed coil replacement the Excursion is tip top again. Hopefully will be installing the new HID auxiliary lights and will be ordering Warn Hubs for the front axle.


Well over the weekend I decided I needed to get some new suspension on the big ole beast so went online to roughcountry.com and ordered myself a 3in lift for the behemoth. It should come in this weekend and I am excited to see how it turns out !!1


Well the lift came in and after a struggle with the font suspension it all went on and man she rides so good.
I didnt think that the ride was going to be so plush. It did lift the excursion a lot higher than what I expected.
I am not going to lie, I re-fell inlove with my Excursion after driving it with the new suspension !!!

Recommended books for Overlanding

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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
by Dan Grec, Dan Grec
From $19.95
Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
by Laurence Gonzales
From $9.99


Finally got a few more things done to the Excursion. I ordered and installed a 12k Curtis hitch , installed some HID Off road lights and finally installed the cb radio I had purchased months ago.
I look forward to this weekend we will be going into the backcountry and exploring part of the Guadalupe National Park. We will be taking the El Paso gap and looking for some great desert scenery.
El Paso Gap.jpg
Im looking forward to a little exploration of a new area to me :)


This trail took place from Dell City - Dog Canyon visa the El Paso Gap. We did ride back the queens highway and passed Sitting Bull Falls and gassed up at Whites City.

Well this weekend adventure must have been one of my favorites. It started early in the morning and we set off to our starting location of Dell City, tx.

We stopped to get a few last minute supplies at their local market and set off for our adventure.
We encountered a sign heading out to the trail head that told us we were heading the right way.
excursion trail.JPG

I must say the scenery is amazing and a little bumpy. The trail that I mapped out did lead to a few harder crossings but made it that much more adventurous. We had a group of cows come up to us out off the brush as my friend and I got out of our vehicles to check if our navigation was correct. The trail did lead us to a gate but it was on an open chain and just stated to please close it after crossing.
excursion gate.JPG

Here is what the notice said.

We continued and the trail just got more and more amazing as we continued. Everything was so green. We didn't see much mud which I was glad for. The trail continued and had a chance to take some pictures.

We did have to go along side of one of the mountains and gladly enough there was no car coming the other way because it could have made the situation a little unsettling. We had to cross a small rock bridge built so runoff wouldn't make that section of the trail impassable.
The trail coming to and end but the scenery was still just as beautiful. It was totally mesmerizing. We finally did arrive at Dog Canyon and set up camp for the day.

We had some delicious Discada tacos for dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening. I was a not allowed to light a campfire so we turned on one of the lanterns and hung out and talked the rest of the night. It did get cold dropped to 29 degrees or so the ranger told us but we were comfortable sleeping inside the Excursion. The morning came and we had some nice warm Menudo and relaxed and enjoyed what nature had to offer. We packed up and wanted to make our way to Pine Springs to go check out the campsite and the views and I must say they did not disappoint.
After visiting the Visitor Center at the main campground and having the kids check out the museum we made our way home amazed with the stunning views of the mountains and the great experience we had. Overall I say it was a great trip and had a blast. Looking forward to the next trip.