2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)


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I think that roof is very similar to what we have. Except my tall door is the side not the rear. I'm not stoked about what that means for getting an awning, but I would like to see more about your bed platform. That's on my short lost after we find a pair of seats to put in the back for the kids.
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I flew to Pittsburgh for the SECOND time to get things done with the van. The van is sold, but still needed the transmission rebuilt.

We thought she was ready to go, however not so much. The transmission isn't picking up the signal from the TSS sensor. We thought it was the speed controller, so we swapped it for a new unit. Now the only thing left is to swap the ECM.

We didn't find that out until I got there. Special thanks to @ujoint for helping even though none of this was his problem.

Up on the rack:

I hate seeing this van. Makes me wanna keep it, but I keep saying to myself the box truck will be cooler lol.


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