2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)


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I had another thread, but I am kind of going in another direction. Also a lot of things have happened in-between then and now.

Earlier this month, I had all the cash saved up to do the conversion. I even e-mailed Chris @ UJOR to line up parts (sorry Chris). Then one of my bikes took a crap on me and I got tired of it and bought a new one. So... there went that cash.

I had a few on going projects I had to finish. My teardrop camper and my bike. I was tired of having 5 projects going at one time. So now everything I've been fighting with for the last year is now done.

Here is my camper. I have a few things I have to finish that will get done next week:

I already finished the hatch that you see exposed.

And I added fenders too!

The van I am fixing to take advantage of.

Plans for the van:

UJOR 6" kit
Custom built F/R bumpers.
Custom built roof rack with LED's.
OBA System
Train horns
On board water system.
Driver's side passenger window.
Rear seats.
And a bunch of crap I can't think of.


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The first thing I wanted to do before I started on the 4WD conversion is F/R bumpers, roof rack, and side ladder.

There is a awesome thread on this forum about DIY roof racks: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/37607-Homemade-Roofracks

Lots of guys are using electrical conduit. Which is galvanized, dangerous, and make for horrible welds. At HD, one 10ft. piece of conduit is $5.89 : http://www.homedepot.com/p/Allied-T...Z1z113diZ1z113buZ1z10wtmZ1z113bl#.UcsEuZz2Ci0

I was quoted for a 1" steel 20' length 16ga tubing from my local steel yard is $11.50. Which will weld better because I will be TIG welding it. And a 4'x8' sheet of expanded metal is $48.00 a piece. I'll need two of those.

I want a rack strong enough to hold a few people when we are at the races. And I think that will do fine if I use enough supports. Also, I am going to try the XJ roof gutter mounts. I hope they work...


Interested on how those roof rack mounts work out. I had seen those posted before, I thought they looked good. I figured that's the way I'd go when the time came.

Good luck.


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Interested on how those roof rack mounts work out. I had seen those posted before, I thought they looked good. I figured that's the way I'd go when the time came.

Good luck.
Thanks. I am curious too. I ordered 8 of them. Hopefully they will work. If they don't, I will just sell them on here.

No biggie.


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The roof rack mounts came in. Since they are made for a Jeep, I wasn't sure if they would work for my van. It was kind of a crap shoot. Luckily, they do.

What came in the box:

Mounted on the van:

Soon, I'll start on the rack. But back to work for 20 days first. :(


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I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. The front seal is leaking on my transmission. I'd hate to get it rebuilt without putting the 4WD tail housing on it. Because that means in the next couple of months, I would have to pay to get it done again.

I wonder if I can just get it rebuilt and put the T-case and new drive shaft on before I do the conversion? And just keep the T-case in 2H?


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I don't see why you couldn't. You will need shorten the fuel tank too.
I forgot about having to shorten the fuel tank.

I am going to try to hustle and get the axles built soon. So I can knock it all out at one time. If not, I'll have to go with plan A.


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"Possibly"good news. I may be jumping the gun but I will know more in 2 days. But I might be picking up a 03 F-250 4x4 with a blown 7.3L in it. The guy wants it gone out of his yard.

For the great price of $250!!!! AND it has cruise control, and a manual T-case.

If I can get it, I just have to figure out how to install the cruise control from that truck to my van. But I can use both axles, transmission, transfer case, and wheels. I just have to see what tires can fit on the stock rims.

Where are you Chris??????