2000 discovery


I stumbled upon a bone stock 2000 discovery in really good shape for $1000. I have not talked to the seller nor do I know the mileage. It says or best offer on the sign, I’m thinking about offering $500 if it’s driveable. What kind of problems are to be expected? Is this a vehicle to steer clear of or should I look at it?


if they take it for $500 you haven't done bad at all if I'm honest....probably all the basic fluid changes, very sensitive to overheating so could possibly need head gaskets, and many other things but for $500 you can part it and make that back and more


Change the fluids/filters, make sure it doesn't have overheating issues, check the driveshafts (front in particular) for play as they are not field serviceable and must be replaced with a different style that is or removed and replaced with new. Go through a carwash and check for leaks, seal those up, check for electrical faults, check for play in driveline, if it has the linkage for the centre diff lock work that and make sure it isn't stuck or inoperable.

They typically have headgasket issues that come from people overheating them, motors will leak pretty much every fluid a little bit. Driveline has some play usually, electrical faults are common especially CEL/ABS/Traction control failing together.

for $500 not bad. They are ok vehicles, not the best that LR ever built, but serviceable and liked.


I’m surprised the body is solid, paint looks excellent, no dents, no faded or peeled paint. It has the original cover over the spare tire. I don’t need another vehicle, but I don’t want to miss a decent deal.


Read my thread here. Should tell you everything you need to know. Bottom line: darn things are like crack, and worth the effort- and trust me, there IS effort.

Zero rust, straight body, and a driver? I’d do it. To make it right (depending on your definition of “right”) will probably take a couple grand more, but like I said, worth it.

Parts to look at if you’re not trailering it home:
- take an external temp gauge to make sure the cooling system is working
- check the front drive shaft to make sure it doesn’t grenade