200 Series Lockers/Traction Control


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I've been looking at the 2019/20/21? LC and impressed by everything I've read and researched on them. My only limitations are it is not perfect for me at that price point (and I could list my druthers but if it checked 1-2 more big boxes for me, I'd buy it).

My big question though is why no rear locker offered, and I would like to hear from someone here in the know as to why Toyota did that? Was it cost or reliability issues with the IRS? Too many warranty claims from people driving on hardpack with it on, etc. ?

As a consumer, I am fully familiar with lockers, lim-diffs, e-lockers, etc. but also recognize a locking rear axle as an important feature set to me.

Sloth Cruiser

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ATRAC, when used correctly (i.e. light - moderate throttle) is just as effective if not more so than just a rear locker in most situations. Mud and situations where you need a lot of throttle ATRAC is useless. Whey ditch the rear locker, i'm not sure. Like was mentioned above aftermarket lockers (ARB/ Harrop) are available if you want them. But ATRAC is damn effective when used correctly.