200 Series Lockers/Traction Control

Hello Everyone,

I am in the market for a new trail rig and even though I’m leaning towards a Jeep WK2 or Rover L322 I’ve been investigating Land Cruisers a little.

My question is does the 200 Series come from the factory with lockers or some type of traction control system for off-road use like LR’s Terrain Response System? I only do light off-roading with the most technical terrain being red clay mud or washed out hard clay that requires so articulation. Every once in a blue moon will I travel where there may be rocks. With the higher purchase cost of a 200 Series it will cost prohibitive to buy one and then have to add an aftermarket locker or TruTrac diff on top of the other modifications I’m doing. Please excuse my ignorance on the Land Cruiser as I am completely new to them. Thank You!


You're buying a 200 series for a trail rig? They have electronic traction aides, but not true diff lockers. Regardless, 200 series far better choice than the other 2 options you listed...
Yes nothing technical mostly a mix of maintained and unmaintained sandlot roads with a little red clay.

Do the traction aids limit wheel slippage with the ABS system like LR’s?


The 200 series has a center locking differential, ATRAC (off road traction control) and CRAWL control (off road cruise control).

Depending on the year, ATRAC had selectable options like mud, sand, etc.

Mine doesn’t have options but it’s very good. I’ve never found myself wanting for a rear Iocker.

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200-series all the way. The last selectable lockers in a Land Cruiser were the first few years of the 100-series and that was 20 years ago. While I think it would be nice to have a rear locker they really aren't necessary for the majority of situations especially on the 200 with all of it's crawl aids and locking center diff. The type of wheeling you describe doing will be a cake walk for the 200 and quite honestly for any of the vehicles you mentioned, but I would buy the 200 for its reliability, resale, capability, and comfort. Should you find yourself pushing the limits of the vehicle in the future then it's not that difficult to add an ARB selectable locker.


The 200 is definitely the bigger of the three, which you have to decide is a positive or a negative. You won't find a lot of people bashing that choice on a Land Cruiser forum, I expect.


Do you prefer wheeling or wrenching? Enjoying your time off road or worrying the whole time? If you prefer wheeling and enjoying it without constantly worrying about stuff breaking, the Land Cruiser is the choice.


I actually own both. I have an 08 Land Cruiser For weekends and a 17 Trail hawk For my daily driver. In stock form the Land Cruiser is better Off-road. If you go with a grand Cherokee make sure you go without airbag Suspension. Lifts are nonexistent and therefore Limiting tire size. Cruiser is more expensive and the cherokee get almost twice the gas mileage with a v8 at 23 mpg vs 13 mpg. If someone asked me to drive down Baja, I would take the cruiser hands down due off-road Capability, ride and cargo volume. And of course Toyota reliability. But the grand Cherokee with the V8 is more fun on pavement.
Thanks for the feedback, after driving a 200 locally its just not the right vehicle for me.
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The sheer arrogance of Land Cruiser owners has always been one of the reasons I never considered the brand before. I see nothing has changed over the years.
Sounds like it never was a consideration for you, you just wanted a chance to state your opinion about owners of a certain kind of vehicle. Fine, you did, hope you're proud of yourself. You came on here without the most rudimentary knowledge of the LC (c'mon, asking if it has traction control?) and compared it to two vehicles that it really could hardly be more dissimilar to, apart from all being wagons. You embarrassed yourself and we are all dumber for having indulged you.


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Just a troll doing troll type $hit! Enjoy your massive depreciation and many trips to the dealer following your Jeep or LR on a flat bed.