$200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater


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Wow... Victorian and john61ct, THAT is the best info I’ve found on diesel heaters in MANY hrs of research...Period.
I’ve struggled thru BORING YouTube videos and not gotten those nuggets of fact...
Those two posts need to be in a sticky like....BEFORE you buy a diesel heater READ THIS.
Our Chines diesel heater worked fine...till I let it run on low all day.. Thanks again.


This is a big advantage to hydronic distribution systems, with a decent tank size for thermal mass.

Also one huge benefit to keeping the water tank(s) within the insulated (& heated) cabin of a vehicle or camper.

Over the years I have learned that if I maintain the temp in the camper (as opposed to letting it chill to outside temps) while on the road,
it takes considerably less time and energy/fuel to heat and keep the cabin warm once stopped for the night, provided the fresh water tank is near full.


This is exactly why I put a propane furnace in my trailer. No problems running it with a thermostat or at elevation.

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We run propane as well, but also have occasional soot problems as high altitude and in severe cold.
Its a double edge sword. LP pressure drops due to temp, and less oxygen due to high altitude.

Even if you can manage to keep the mixture correct (enough) BTU output suffers.

We run an adjustable regulator to adjust the mix and maintain a clean burn (no soot),
but the loss of BTU is pretty obvious.

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I never had soot problems with my Espar D1s, but rarely went above 8000’.
Anyway, to agree mostly with that ”no thermostat” comment.
I used two thermostats & relay to acheive fairly wide temperature differential.( I think its called ”differential”, I am not HVAC specialist..)
Its primary purpose to reduce on-off cycles but keep fairly high upper limit.
another tip to make them run efficient and trouble free is to avoid a thermostat. Although a great convinience, it will most likely never bring it up to operating temperature As most campers will warm fairly quick. to my knowledge, most heaters will also need to go through the full pre start cycle every time the heater kicks on. This means pre glow with high power consumption. Use a manual dial instead.


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For the chinese diesel heaters, you can adjust the settings for the altitude you're at. You just take 4% percent off the fuel pump settings in the menu for every 1000' above sea level. There's a high and a low limit to adjust. Basically you're leaning it out for the thinner air. Takes about 30 seconds to do. I also run it mine on high for a couple minutes before I shut it off to help clean out the combustion chamber.


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Verkstad.. our unit when ignited came on quickly and ran at full power. After a few minutes it would reduce fan speed by 50% or more and continue to produce heat and run fine. BEFORE shut down we always increased temp and ran it WO for 10 minutes. The all day run on low plugged it.
SO....what I hear you saying is that your Espar D1 on low all day and under 8000ft can handle it this scenario without sooting..? And most importantly can do it day in and day out.? Cool

Luthj .. fuel mixture 10-4 we did adj the fuel output down...it seemed to help.

I realize most of our problems were US not being familiar with these types of systems.
All good info guys. Thank you


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To the OP... If you download "google translate" to your phone, then select the camera function it will try to translate the words on your controller. You may get a better clue as to what each mean.011A7928-F41A-4C79-87CA-DD620171C979.png