20% off Duluth for Xmas


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They sent me a "sharecode" discount thingie that I thought I'd pass along. I'm a big fan of Duluth gear:

Got a few gaps on your Christmas list? We've got you covered! Load up on hardworking Duluth gifts and gear, and take 20% OFF your entire order. We'll even throw in FREE SHIPPING so you can avoid the hoof prints on your roof. But hurry, limited time only!


firehose pants

I recently started wearing these to work instead of khakis/jeans and found them to be the most comfortable pants I have owned.

Just my $.02


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What's your favorites from them?
The pants are really really comfy to wear but I hate the zipper placement...
I wear the Everyday Work Shirts every day to work. I guess they live up to the name.
And the flannel shirts fit me better and shrink less than any other brand I've tried.
And I wear the winter jacket religiously when it's cold enough. Best warm jacket I've ever owned.
I even tried their socks and they're my everyday favorites now too.
And the t-shirts are what I wear to the gym every day...
Guess I like most of the product line "best"

The only things I've ever gotten from them that I don't like much are their summer shirts, forget the name but they're made from some sort of polyester that makes you smell like 1975 after about an hour. It lasts all day. 1975. Nasty.

Caveat: Their sizing is GENEROUS. I'm a 2xl-tall in most shirts from other brands. For Duluth, I'm a large regular in t-shirt, xl-tall in work shirts and flannels in their "tradesman fit", and 2xl-tall in their "trim fit". The pants are equally generous around certain areas and actually run quite long.
They ARE NOT part of the Global Conspiracy Against The Tall.


I like their stuff.
don't mean to get down to the nitty gritty but their buck naked boxer briefs are some of my favorite undies.
They are near exact replicas of the Exofficio boxer briefs which are awesome but sadly I can get the exofficio's for less, usually.
On another note Duluth's sizing is all over the place.
I bought some of the flex fire hose cargo pants in my usual 36-32 sizing and they were way too tight.
So. I sent them back and got some 38-32 and even they were a bit snug around the waist but I dealt with them.

Once again I ordered another pair of pants.
This time I got the flex fire hose ultimate work pants (I think) but this time I got them in a 40-32.
Of course I received them and they are, overall, too big in both the waist and the length.
Even with my inside the waist band holster they are still too big and I find myself tugging my pants up every 5 minutes.
I also have a pair of their gauntlet work gloves and they are nice and super durable but the fingers are just too long and a bit too stiff to have any real dexterity.
Hell even their soap is too damn big.
I am a larger fellow and it is tough for me to handle the giant bars and the "accomplishment" scent is black and leaves black soap residue all over the shower.
In conclusion, their stuff is top quality and will surely last a long time.
I have had my first pair of pants for more than a year and other than a little fading from washing the hell out of them they are holding up just fine.
Also my gloves have been abused and even though they don't fit or flex well they look practically brand new after nearly a year of torture.
Bottom line, it's good stuff but you may have to send some things back to find the right fit.


They sent me a "sharecode" discount thingie that I thought I'd pass along. I'm a big fan of Duluth gear:

Thanks for the heads up. I've considered the firehouse pants for a long time but the artist drawings always kept me on the fence. Seeing good reviews and the fact they have tall sizes I went ahead and ordered a few things. The 20% off of the already on sale prices doesn't hurt either...

It's tough to find clothes I like in a 38x36 and 2xlt so I'm hoping I like them as much as you do.


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I took advantage of the 20% off and ended up with a pair of Fire Hose 5-Pocket Canvas Jeans. I was on the fence about their look online and when they arrived. Today is the first day that they have been worn. I am happy with them. They look and feel much better after being washed.


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bummer code expired.
Sign up for their email spams. They run one-day sales all the time.
I have a Duluthflex Firehose Briar ShirtJac and a Blacksmith shirt on the way. They were both on clearance, free shipping, and an additional $20 gift card from them for an item that had been previously delayed.
This should make a really nice camping shirt for winter in the mountains: http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/product/mens-duluthflex-fire-hose-briar-shirt-jac-24704.aspx?kw='undefined&processor=content'
I got the brown one, not the orange thing...