2 years and 45k Miles in a rusted out '88 Ford Festiva


I just came upon this story in the latest copy of Alaska magazine. A search of the Portal forum didn't produce anything, so hopefully this isn't a re post. A quote from the article:

The "Peace/Love Car" had logged over 400,000 miles and was loaded with bikes, racks, gas cans....The car (all 28 sq. ft. of it) was also their home...

After their mechanic told them the car would rot and fall apart within a year or so (Does this sound like a cancer diagnosis or what?) this young couple was inspired to take a road trip to Alaska, hitting all 48 contiguous states on the way. I will not include a link, because they may be one of the groups hitting people up for travel money, but you can do a search under "Road to Wanderlust".