2 Owner 2004 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab TRD 4x4 W/ Locker and Mid camper SOLD


I think this would have sold already on Tacomaworld., based on age, mileage and condition. There seems to be some lightly surface rusted parts in the engine bay and around the truck but all are available new or used for very little money and all are easy to replace. Nothing wrong with them from the photos and the sellers description and doesn’t seem necessary to replace, but if someone was concerned it’s an easy fix. Seller is about 2K under market from recent sales I’ve seen.
It would not have sold on tacomaworld, it's overpriced. It's also not "2k under market"


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Not interested in hijacing this for sale thread ….but at 15K this is a great deal. There are no comparable 04’s currently for sale on Tacomaworld and one of the last ones was a black access cab in FL that needed a paint touch up. I couldn’t get down there to see it in person but I’m familiar with that truck, the seller and it’s sale a while back. This being a double cab, it’s worth more.

I check both the second and first Gen for sale sections daily, and I keep track of both generations sales and quality offerings on BAT and true car monthly but I can be wrong so please share some examples of comparable offerings for less?
Here’s a link to this morning’s True Car 04 Taco for sale search: https://www.truecar.com/used-cars-for-sale/listings/toyota/tacoma/year-2004/location-wellborn-fl/


I like the truck but I think its the rust and the fact that the frame was replaced, that's making people weary of purchase. From my experience purchasing an older vehicle from the salt belt, you do nothing but chase broken-seized bolts and brackets with every repair. With the new frame already showing some signs of rust, I believe people are seeing this like a salvage title vehicle. Great for gear head on IHMUD or ?, but they are not likely to pay comparable retail prices or even KBB which is about $12K for this truck although it seems low. I have been able to find a few double cabs 4wd TRD's in Southern California for $13-15K with similar miles and little to no rust but faded paint, but they sold quickly. Good luck with the sale.

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