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Alright I think I have my plan.

Tires - Kenda Klever MT. I've read nothing but good reviews about these tires aside from the odd balancing issue, but that's nothing too terribly uncommon in a larger tire size (and the price is great ~$160 per tire). Decided to go with 285/75-16.

Winch - Quadratec Q9000. As little as I will use it I should be fine with it. I'm handy enough to rebuild it if need be and if it gets to the point of no return then I'm out $300. Oh well.

Bumper - I like the modular front bumpers seeing as I can add to them if I feel like I need to (and add money permits). Is there one that is any better particularly than another? I'm assuming a bumper is a bumper is a bumper. If one has paint that chips I can just refinish it, I'm more interested in structure. Is a modular style bumper weaker than a one piece?

Lights - I plan on doing lights. Haven't had time to pick any out yet. Probably just two on the bumper somewhere.

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Bumper is a bumper. Go with whatever style you like best. I doubt a modular bumper is any weaker unless you wack one of te bolt on pieces hard enough to break it off, and if you hit it that hard, a one piece bumper would probably bend.

As for lights, ive never used them personally but IPF makes a light that combines a fog/driving light that I plan on trying.


The QTec Winch should be fine for what you are doing, and QTec generally has good customer service.

Everyone I know that has purchased a Smittybuilt anything has replaced it in less than a year due to rattles, poor performance, and general quality. I would say 6 people that I know and wouldn't listen to the experience of others fall into this category.

Rubicon Springs and Shocks sound like a great idea for your set up and should easy to find on any Jeep forum.

The best thing you can do for safety is upgrading your stock headlights. At the very least upgrade the bulbs. Go to Amazon and put your Jeep in a "garage", you can find a number of quality options for under $30. Truck Lights seem to be the choice of those that don't want to spend the $$ on JW Speaker LED head lights, which are insanely price, and provide awesome amount of light. I run Rigid LED fogs and that has provided me with some great light on the trails.

Regarding your rack and RTT, you may want to think about building a trailer. In one of your posts you said you were concerned about MPG and another you stated you want to be set up in 30 minutes. Having a trailer would give you some options, keep your DD MPG high, and allow you to set up quickly.

Just some odd ramblings, ignore anything you disagree with.


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I'm really enjoying that Metal cloak bumper.

I'll have to look into some lights. Although the stock headlights seemed adequate an upgrade to lights is always a good idea.

I had thought about a trailer but I'm limited to 2000lb. I guess I'll have to look around and see if it's feasible to build one that light. I'm sure as long as I didn't go huge and didn't throw everything I could at it I could do it. Just a simple off road trailer with a rack for a small tent and a little bit of storage. That'd be a great place for the cooler and the bulkier stuff.

More research it is!

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I've personally never been a fan of modular bumpers, simply because the odds that I'd ever change configurations is pretty slim and I hate the number of bolt heads that stick out all over. I do, however, like stubby bumpers. If you think about it, the stock bumper does nothing to protect past the edges of the grille, and the fenders are made to snap off. So really, the only thing you're protecting is the tires/hubs, and it's negotiable if a full-width bumper is going to prevent damage to those parts or bend the frame. But I digress...

I would recommend checking out Crawler Conceptz. I just installed their front bumper and it is a great value! If you call Shad, he's always running deals with free shipping. (No- I don't have any affiliation, just impressed with their products)

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So its been almost 6 months since I started this thread and I haven't done anything but drive my Jeep lol. Unfortunately I haven't even been driving it anywhere fun, just mostly back and forth to work. There is a good reason though. I've been picking up all kinds of overtime and on call shifts the past few months and saving up money to finally by my girl a ring. So pretty much all the money I planned on spending on the truck went to that. We're planning on getting hitched the end of May 2015. It looks like she's going to take a job travel nursing and I'm going to go back to school and finish what I can online then finish the last few classes one we find a place to settle down.

What I could use is some ideas on jobs that I could do from home or while traveling (nursing contacts are 13 weeks). In my field (electric utility) they usually aren't too happy to bring someone on for 3 months and then they leave ha.

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