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It would be. The only downfall is that you would need to purchase bends on the flat and on the side to be able to get everything you need. And compound bends can be very tricky.


I'm digging the side exit, though the angle of the exhaust tip not matching the angles of the panel bothers me a little bit. :snorkel:
I haven't decided if I'm going to trim it yet.

I also thought about putting a divider inside the tailpipe, just like they do in Nascar. Tongue in cheek nod to the horsepower this truck thinks it has.
New ARB's have been ordered. Going to run High Pinion front and V6 rear both with 5.29's. I sold the diffs that were in it, which were 5.29 ARB's, but they were really old 4cyl diffs. They were in perfect condition, but I just felt like maybe they were a time bomb.

Also ordered a new front axle housing from Diamond. 3 inches wider and custom diff offset. It will now be 3 linked.

So I just dropped $5K on it in the last week...
For the time being, until I have time to build my new diffs, I put in 4.10 geared diffs. Holy cow, what a difference. First gear feels like third.

I've got some crazy idea with the bed too. Gotta move that wheel opening.


5.29's to 4.10's Lol, I bet she feels I bit heavier out the gate!Couple questions, do the Diamond housings allow for greater steering angle than the mini truck? 3" wider, are you using fzj 80 shafts or custom shafts?
The steering angle comes from the CV. Even if a stock CV can turn 30 degrees, it may not be strong at 30 degrees so running hard at full lock is not advisable, especially when backing up. A wider axle can allow for more steering angle if you are already limited by the tires rubbing on your leafs or whatever, but it isn't part of the axle's design that makes it steer more.

I am having Diamond build me a housing with custom diff offset (moving the diff to the passenger side about an inch for pinion to oil pan clearance) so I can't use off the shelf inner shafts anyway. Brain will cut me a custom set of inner axles and I will use new RCV birfields at the ends.

The gearing change is noticeable, but the 3RZ really doesn't care.


wow i just read all 44 pages strait through, you do some great work, on the paint job i would go old school paint like the tri color white, orange, and red.