1999 Taco 4x4 TRD lube oil transfer case question?


I am at a loss for an answer. I've read, gone on line etc., but found nothing to help.
My shop manual says 1.2 quarts of lube oil for the fill, BUT the same book says fill until you can feel the oil below the fill plug. OK so I pumped in way over the 1.2 quarts and still don't feel the oil coming up to just below the fill lip as I did in the differentials and the transmission, in fact the differentials and the transmission met the guide lines put forth by the shop manual, but this transfer case has me buffaloed.

Anyone have a suggestion for the transfer case question/dilemma?

1999 Toyota Tacoma 4x4, TRD, manual transmission, manual (not electronic 4 wheel hi, and low), 3.4 liter engine

Here is a link that will suggest the same as I am stating about the 1.1 or 1.2 qts?
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The capacity is supposed to be 1.2 qts. So you can fill 1.2 or just fill until it seeps out of the fill hole. I personally do the latter, but you'll get mixed answers on this.

I've got the exact same set up as you, by the way (99 TRD, 3.4L, j-shift, 5-sp).


I fingered it out!! Toyota has two plugs above the drain plug. I had missed the lower one, only about 6 inches of less above the drain plug, and picked the higher one near the top of the transfer case! I pulled the lower fill plug and let the excess drain out. My bad...