1999 Jeep Wrangler 2.2L Kubota diesel swap


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Outstanding project! I was looking into a swap of this nature for an old CJ-5 but didn't think to look past a 4BT. I'm now on to another project (as it always goes).

Keep up the good work.


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I hereby retract my earlier statements...
Here is a lot more details on this very swap from the 4BTSWAPS site - 6 months of work and 363 posts / 13 pages - here's the link:


This swap has been done by others in mostly 2wd trucks - also with reasonable results. So this must be a really big scam carried out by a lot of people...

I can live with a lower power diesel engine for an expedition rig - for my uses, range and reliability are very important - along with tolerance of crappy quality fuel. Seems like this swap my offer that for lighter weight vehicles.
Plans for a three point hitch?

We liberated Europe with 54 hp in the Willys :ylsmoke:

Keep it going man, even a dead fish can swim with the tide!


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Which is why I think he should have given him a chance to blow smoke up his own skirt before calling the BS. Regardless of what you think it is beyond the know-how of most Expo members and in the end it is a pretty dam clean job.
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Thanks for the complements! Don't worry, I definitely won't be mounting a vice to my bumper and photoshopping my Jeep in front of any waterfalls ;-)

There's a good reason why I picked that title for the topic. The project definitely seems to get on the wrong side of some of the more established members of the forums. Hence the reason why I was pretty light on the details, and didn't link the debacle from 4bt swaps.

I doubt I'll ever have it dyno'd, which is why my power impressions are all seat of the pants "it feels good to me"... It's not fast, but it's light, and powerful 'enough' which is perfect for me.

It has a Mitsubishi TD04L turbo from a Subaru WRX, and a small generic intercooler. I also have water injection installed, but I'm waiting for a smaller injector, because it was flowing way too much and quenching the combustion. During normal driving and cruising I'm seeing 0-1lbs of boost, if I give it any throttle it instantly jumps up to 5-7lbs, peaking around 12. I think I saw 13lbs once today for a brief moment.

I'm keeping track of mileage on fuelly.com, and IIRC the first tank of fuel was 26.4, and the second was 27.7. I can verify on the pc in the morning, but its a bit of a pain on the phone. Its been getting better as I get things sorted out. I'm hoping for better than 30, which is still far below what the guys with the Rangers and S10s claim.

If anyone is near Everett, WA I'll be happy to show it to you and take you for a ride!

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I think it is a great setup...
Let's see a Defender 110 was sold for years with 200tdi, then came the 300tdi....not huge engines at all.
I am guessing this rig wgt's next to nothing and since it works for the who cares what any of us think anyway.

I know my 83 MB was a tank compared to this rig and the 3L engine did just fine.


Which is why I think he should have given him a chance to blow smoke up his own skirt before calling the BS. Regardless of what you think it is beyond the no how of most Expo members and in the end it is a pretty dam clean job.
What exactly do you mean by "no how"?


After a little google-****
here are the performance figures for the N/A engine http://www.mgbryan.com/products/engines/kubota/super-03-m-series/v2203-m........ 48hp at 2700rpm
and for the turbo engine http://www.mgbryan.com/products/engines/kubota/super-03-m-series/v2403-m-t.......................................... 56bhp at 2700rpm
These figures are for industrial engine applications so I would expect that a bit more could be squeezed out of them without too much trouble.
Seems a lot of people are doing Ford Ranger conversions over on Diesel bombers with success.
Not my bag, but there are a whole lot of vehicles on the road over here in Europe with these sort of performance figures, Land Rover N/A diesel for example.


Is insulting to people actually doing REAL performance modifications to their vehicles, and I question why the OP is making such fan fair out of re-motoring his Jeep with an underpowered diesel that was never intended to be used for a vehicle.

I guess it is sort of like shooting yourself in the foot to gain the edge in a sack race.:)
Says the guy who molded a car body into the top of a box truck! :rolleyes:

Nice job red, I like that it is different.