1999 G500 Pur edition


Regular guy
Jill flew into Las Vegas to share the drive home and we had a nice camp out in DV. The Ostrich Wing awning worked out great the whole trip. Nice shade foot print in the heat without having to deal with poles or guy wires.

The kitchen set up off the rear is nice with the awning coverage and easy access around to the side door for other items.




Yup. I was there. It was so awesome seeing such a large quantity of G's in one place - so many flavors were represented - so much better in person - I'm sure there will be another Treffen next year - somewhere ...

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Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
How about this size?
We are about to ship over a few kits from Germany.
That's taller, not wider/longer Eric. ;)
Whose kit is that? A bit surprising they'll allow anyone but themselves to install it--seems to be the way of the industry.


Regular guy
Well the G500 has been sharing attention with a smaller older brother that recently came from Germany; this little, low mileage 1995 G320. Right now it is bone stock in low mileage original condition and I will be figuring out if I want to make any changes to it over the next 6 months. Really fun to drive with the lower weight and much smaller turning radius. The m104 seems to handle the SWB version pretty easily, lots of pep.

find a 95-96 G320 463. Best vehicle I have ever owned.