1999 Discovery SD - Chawton White - $13,000


1999 Discovery SD
Chawton White
No sunroofs/ roof rails

Exterior: The vehicle is in excellent condition. No frame rust. Two small bits of rust at the top of the rear door wells. Body is in excellent condition with only one (1) small knuckle size ding on the hood (I have to search for where it is).

Interior: Interior is in great condition. Carpet shows little sign of wear. Rear seat is near mint (currently not in but can/ will be installed). Front passenger seat shows little sign of wear. Driver’s seat has some wear with one small 1" tear in one of the seams. Middle console is in excellent condition and has DII cup holders. Dash is in excellent condition. Headliner is excellent.

The devil is in the details with this truck. The HAM radio install is one of a kind. The radio face is installed in the sunroof delete panel. The actual radio is installed on a custom cut piece of starboard that is located under the drivers dash panel. The 12 circuit blue sea fuse box is located there as well. All marine wiring. In addition, the HAM radio antenna mount is a motorized mount with a custom designed and professionally produced circuit board (Chris Snell) to enable the use of a LR factory binnacle switch. This switch is located in the factory position and uses the cruise controll switch. When engaged, the antenna raises. When depressed (while moving through trees or other low-hanging impediments) the antenna lowers.

The rack flooring is made from one solid sheet of 1/2" starboard. To do this I made a mould to heat and gradually bend the starboard to fit the contour of the SD rack. All of the lines and edges are routered to 1/4 for a smooth appearance. There are several access holes cut in the starboard to allow for gear storage. Specifically, 1-2 Pelican 1650 cases on the rear and 2 bundles of firewood on the front of the rack. Your individual gear needs will vary but will be met with the design. The flooring is secured with 35+ 1/4-20 SS screws which secure to 1/4-20 heavy duty well-nuts. This ensures the starboard *sits* 1/4 from the rack and does not make any noise. In addition, the well nuts seal out moisture from the SD.

The storage spans the entire length of the rear cargo up to the edge of the passenger foot well. It's made out of 3/4" Russian Baltic birch and covered with heavy duty outdoor carpet. There are 4 12" in strips of quick release/ macs tie downs. This allows for the storage of 3 standard Wedco cans and the stacking of 1-4 pelican 1600's. When the storage isn't in use, the rear seats can be fitted as there are both foot and seat belt access holes. So, you always have as much storage as a DI can provide with the option of carrying your kids to get ice cream. The flooring is secured with 4 grade 12 button cap screws and are backed with a 3/16 backing plate each.

The drawer is a recent addition and is made mostly of Baltic birch, however, I chose to use a starboard floor to eliminate any sticky or messy food items from destroying carpet. The starboard makes clean-up of these items very easy. The drawer is finished with a black marine pull latch.

The right side of the storage has my "kitchen" pelican semi hard-mounted with 4 1/4-20 stainless button head screws which fasten to 4 tee-nuts. This makes quick stops really nice as one doesn't have to fuss with straps or other tie-down items. (Pelican not included)

To the left of the fridge (fridge not included) is a tidy space for a powertank 10-15lb. The powertank mount is fastened to a piece of starboard which is fastened to the interior DI structure using 1/4-20 riv-nuts and stainless button head screws.

What the truck includes:

Mantec snorkel
3in HD RTE springs
3in OME sport shocks
RTE castor corrected arms
RTE rear links
Expedition Exchange rear spring isolators top and bottom
Expedition Exchange rear -2 shock drop mount
Top/ Bottom rubber spring isolators – front and rear
DII front driveshaft (newly rebuilt 5/22)
Front/ rear welded on diff guards
Rear pinion guard
Rear Detroit
F/R GBR 4.11 HD ring and pinion
Rear RoverTracks HD axles
Front TrueTrac
Front RoverTracks/ Longfield HD Axles/ CV’s
All drive flanges drilled to 7/16-16 with grade 12 socket head cap bolts
D90 brake caliper conversion (excellent braking)
Front/ rear drilled/ slotted D90 rotors
255/85R16 BFG KM2's with roughly 2000 miles to date
NATO wheels painted chawton white (5)
My sliders, rolled
My rear bumper, RTE inspired (sanded and repainted in Sept. 2012)
My front bumper, slimline (sanded and repainted in Sept. 2012)
2.5 ton dixon bate tow jaws (2)
Viking roller fairlead
Superwinch EPi 9.0 winch
Viking synthetic line with safety thimble (with line lock)
HD DOM steering components with RH/ LH TRE’s
Lengthened panhard
Custom rear tire relocation, allows 33-34" tire
Diehard marine platinum battery
4X HELLA 4000 lights, wired to factory binnacle
4X HELLA rock lights, wired to factory binnacle
1X HELLA rear work lamp, wired to factory binnacle
Safety devices roof rack (sanded and repainted in Sept. 2012)
Safety devices rear ladder
Custom made (full sheet) starboard rack flooring with stainless hardware, bent to fit SD rack
Carpeted storage shelf/ drawer
ARB fridge slide (for ARB/ Engel 35-45)
Marine fuse block with all lights and fridge wired, always hot
Yaesu FTM-10 radio
Custom rear door table made with kitchen grade SS and kitchen grade HDPE cutting board


Truck also includes a few miscellaneous spares:

Crank shaft sensor
Brake switch
top hose
bottom hose
heater hoses
rh/ lh tie rod ends
misc sensors

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This is truly a turn-key rig ready to go anywhere. Ben is very meticulous with his maintenance, and the truck is very smartly kitted for a trip to any place you'd want to go.

Beautiful truck, Ben!

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Thanks, gents.

Price is adjusted to $13,000

No trades unless its a 86/87 LHD ex mod 110, vanside. 
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chris snell

I've taken trips with Ben and this Disco all over Southern Utah and this truck is tops. The organization of this truck is top-notch. If you look through the photos from our trips, you'll always see us cooking meals on Ben's rear door table. I think it's because of his storage/kitchen design. This Disco stores Ben's cooking gear so conveniently that he can have his mobile kitchen up and running within a couple of minutes after stopping, much faster than any of us could ever manage.

It's the same situation when camping. Ben's tent is set up while the rest of us are still digging through our rear cargo areas trying to get our gear out. It may not sound like much for an overnighter but the little things add up over time and make for stress-free traveling.

I'm very jealous of this D1. Ben doesn't toot his own horn much but it's worth pointing out that he built the bumpers and sliders on this truck. They're probably the nicest I've seen on a D1. He only built one set for himself and never sold them. I think he even destroyed the jig for them after finishing so he could never be talked into doing a set for someone else. This is truly a one-of-a-kind truck.

Scott Brady

Be patient Ben - the right buyer will come along. That is a fair price given the modifications, condition and attention to detail.



I would love to have this rig, but unfortunately i am on the wrong coast!!! Really like the way it is built! When I get this Jeep sold, if you still have it, I may have to make a trip!!

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