1998 MGMetalworks/Expovans E350 V10 Extended, blank slate for camper conversion



Call/Text or email please. I don't check PM's here that often.


Up for sale is my pride and joy, a freshly converted Ford E350 4x4

Only 83,835 original miles
Just converted to 4x4 with an MG Metalworks/Expovans F250 coil spring kit, Fox shocks and everything underneath new
6" lift sitting on Nitto Terra Grappler 35"s, size 305/70-17 E-rated on Ford wheels.
Newly rebuilt and bulletproofed transmission by a 20+ year one-man tranny shop. He does amazing work and has done a few trannys for me. References available.
Dana 60 front axle, NV271 tx case, Fox shocks, Moog and Atlas Springs, All Ford parts, nothing hard to replace with this conversion. Rides just like a factory 2006 F250 4x because up front it basically is. The rear axle is the original E350 Dana full float axle.
There is a total of about 200 miles on the conversion (front axle, suspension, brakes, tranny, driveline, exhaust)

I bought this van with plans to fully convert to an offroad camper van (like a Sportsmobile, Ujoint, etc.) but my work has changed and I need something more suited to hauling cargo and getting better mileage. This van gets good mileage for a 6" lifted offroader, around 10-11 and is faster than you might think being a V10. None of the worries or maintenance of a diesel and all of the power. Just add fuel. Oil changes are the same as a Ford V8, same filter, oil and capacity. Nothing unusual.

Several things have been done to this van on it's way to being camper-ized:
Passenger swivel seat
4D auxiliary battery wired for solar panels
All LED lighting
2 key fobs/keyless entry
Power windows, door locks, cruise etc. (XLT package). Everything works
Several power point and USB chargers throughout van
Backup camera with new Sony Bluetooth/USB/media stereo, new JBL speakers throughout as well
Just Raptor Lined the rockers this past week for offroad duty
N-Fab nerf/step bars just installed
Windows tinted very dark all around, 20% (legal) on driver and passenger
Ice cold air conditioning
Hot heat
One long bench about 3/4 back but I have others if you want them including a fold down bench bed that is not finished (negotiable)
10K 3-point receiver hitch for moto rack or heavy trailer. ***This van has NEVER pulled a trailer but will pull about anything you put behind it. When I bought it had never had a trailer hitch. I put one on from my previous van.

This van was bought and used by a church but never had decals put on it. It has never been smoked in or abused. No stains or rips on the seats, no stains on the carpet, no pets ever in it except my dog in his crate a few times since I've had it. Headliner, dash and all paneling is 100%.

The good: Everything above
No engine issues ever
No check engine lights, noises or problems
I build and work on camper vans for people and have had many Ford vans over the years. I travel far and off the beaten path in them. If it needed something it would be done already.
The entire frame and underbody has been sandblasted and coated with POR15 Epoxy

The bad: Has an ABS light on which was on before the conversion.

Has a couple of paint chips around the windshield.

Had some frame and body rust which has been dealt with, no bad rust to begin with. Gutters look perfect.

Needs a spare tire. Any common 17" Ford spare will fit, 17x170 (Ford Super Duty) bolt pattern.

Rear bumper is scratched up. It is not the original, which was chrome. It's a work van bumper I bought and painted but can't hide the scratches and small dents. You want an Aluminess anyway which will give you a spare rack on a swing out. Google it.

Rear AC/heat is not working. New lines needed from front to rear. The unit is intact though. The fan blows through all original ducts.

This van is ready to be used as the ultimate moto hauler or can be turned in to a sweet offroad capable camper. It's quick and smooth and wonderful on the highway as it is in the woods.

I can't take on any more conversion work at this time (or I would've finished it) but I can refer you to several people who can further customize the van however you like.

Clear title in hand
I do not need help selling
Text or call first, yes I'm skeptical and paranoid.
I travel during the week a lot but will be glad to answer questions, snap pics or show on weekends to an out-of-town buyer.

I can deliver this van anywhere for a fee
I also have connections in shipping and can have it moved professionally if you prefer

Van has been sold. Thanks
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