1998 Mercedes Benz G 320 Europa


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Attention Forum Members:

Thinking about parting with my 1998 Mercedes Benz G 320 Europa. Vehicle is in very good shape and has absolutely no rust. I am not totally convinced yet to sell the vehicle....so please bear with me if I seem hesitant.

I find that I do not drive the truck nearly enough simply because it is just "too nice". I would never dream of taking this truck off road personally--because of its excellent condition and rarity. It also appears that this vehicle has never been off road either in its lifetime.

Mileage is 203K currently.

Have paperwork and documentation back to its original purchase from Europa in New Mexico ( the only and original official importer/supplier of new G Class Vehicles to the United States prior to 2003). In addition, this vehicle is a hand made example produced prior to the merger of Mercedes Benz with Chrysler in 2002-2003--when the G Class was subsequently began being produced by large scale production assembly line methods.

This is a 50 US States Legal Vehicle and imported new to this county with that certification (purchased new in US). Purchase price new in 1998 was around 135K.View attachment 531723

Can send more information and pictures to specific interested parties that are very serious about acquiring a top example of these Europa G Class vehicles. Vehicle located in Southern Indiana.

Please remember, I am not totally convinced yet that I will sell.
I know it is quite rare and given the condition...I would part with it for 44K.


This is definitely not a for sale ad yet. I'd take it to chat until you're ready to sell.