1998 AM General H1 - 1 of 3 DEA Special Ops Unit - Asking Price - $124,995


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The Hummer H1 was never a subtle vehicle, but this former DEA Special Operations Unit sure stands out from any overland vehicle out there. 1 of just 3 built originally for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Special Operations Unit, this rig was outfitted with a Fire Attacker SWAT Cabinet on the rear of the Humvee chassis. Powering this beast is an upgraded 2007 Optimizer 6.5L Turbo Diesel featuring a newer cooling system, K&N Air Intake, 200 amp alternator system, and dual batteries. Currently on the rig are Method wheels wrapped in Maxxis RAZR MT tires, 12” brake rotors, and 9-way adjustable GT shocks. Included is a set of Run-Flat Kevlar GoodYear tires wrapped on standard Humvee wheels and a CTIS Inflation System. Inside the cabinet in the rear, you will find tons of different features to fit, hook up, or get your gear ready to go. Both side walls have adjustable shelving with aluminum garage doors, electric gun locks for storage, ceiling mounted fan, 5 110V outlets, interior lights, a water cooler, and much more. The floor is padded with ½” thick rubber and has sleeping space for two people. At the rear of the cabinet are the hydraulic steps which raise and lower with ease. Outside you will find tons of tools including shovel, ax, sand ladders, fuel and water canisters, more LED lights, and a Smittybilt roof top tent. Look no further than this DEA built Hummer for your next overlanding vehicle.

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Full Listing Link to LupoMotors.com: https://lupomotors.com/listings/new-inventory-1998-am-general-hummer-h1-dea-special-ops-unit/

VIN: 137ZA8935WE182535
Mileage at listing: 35,520



WOW! 98 is one of the best years: still BTM diffs, no antilock brake system/TT4. BTM takes finesse but works absolutely awesome on overlanging type trails. (and just about any Moab rockcrawl trail, but that box, might make it a bit tipsy).
and them Hummers dont NEED any mods.... (on the side note, the wheels, are not Hummer approved, but GT inc hummerproducts, makes perfect, heavy duty wheels, for those trucks, and many other vehicles as well.)

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Wow US tax payer dollars hard at work. I guess this thing was used for border raids? Crazy!
We had one assigned to the midwest out of the DEA St. Louis Field Division. They only had a few built, due to the expense and team training requirements to run the systems in the rear, but I dont remember how many actually were built. They were created to assist the DEA Clandestine Lab Enforcement Teams (CLET) to deal with the meth lab problems of the 1990's - early 2000's. They had a lot of testing gear in them for site safety and evidence testing during lab raids. I seem to recall a team of (3) Special Agents / TFO's were assigned to it and when requested they would drive it out from St. Louis to where it was needed. Generally speaking, they were too expensive, too small, too clean and too pretty to be used as a team deployment vehicle and generally was only on scene for the photo ops......If there's a dent in the upper hatch edge, it maybe the same vehicle from the midwest office since thats where a helmeted head hit it.....from what I was told....lol. A sad side note from those years, there's a lot of dedicated Agent's, TFO's and LEO's that have died or suffer long term medical problems from investigating clan labs in their communities, these trucks were meant to help mitigate the hazard.
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