1998 4runner Pop Up Camper


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Sweet looking 4runner converted into a pop up camper. Looks like the guy did it up nice. Not sure 40k nice. Not mine and just thought it might appeal to someone on here. Looks to be in Reno right now.



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Wow, not actually laying hands on it I would say there is $40k worth of work and cool bits if the quality is right.
very very cool build


Very cool rig, they have some ca$h into it forsure, but just because someone may have 40k into it doesn’t mean it’s worth $40k. Even with COVID pricing I feel it’s slightly high on price. It‘s a unique rig & someone may pay the asking price and drive the wheels off of it. But my guess is someone will realize they can get a lot more for this price point, unless it’s a impulse buy... which I’ve been guilty of in the past on a few rigs.


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I have thought about a build like this - really cool to see it executed, and pretty well so if I may say.

Although a pass-through from the cab would be nice, at least that's how my vision saw it.

But this is rad and I can see this fetching $40k especially bay area.

I wish the photography was better, I want a better look at the outside of the camper and how this is mounted/mechanics at play.

Hilariously bad aim with the camera. Shows off the shop floor nicely tho.


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