1997 Toyota Megacruiser BXD-10

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(Sigh) I will erase this post in the morning, and post it "properly" although I thought I already did. I had assumed by saying "Megacruiser" that those who knew what one was would respond. I apologize for the poor explaination. I will try to avoid my exasperation of saying something like "it has 4 wheels and it rolls" It is not my intention to explain to people what a megacruiser is, then try & sell it to them. It is my intention to sell megacruisers to to people who already know what they are. I would never expect to sell a J40 to someone who had never heard of Landcruisers.

Regardless, positive suggestions would be appreciated and I will take them into account in my second try. nomad, clearly you have an agenda, why not post it somewhere else. Good Night, IH8MUD


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And since you asked me a question, (why not post it elsewhere?) I will be respectful and answer your question.

Because "elsewhere" seldom exists on this forum. Most sellers here are honest people selling personal vehicles. Not dodgy people with a long history that is now easily googled.
As an (ex) pro licensed exotic 4x4 importer, I can shed light on this.

To be simple, no, this can not be legal for road use in any way.

You can get into a serious situation if you do get it titled (which would be 100% illegal) and one day it's in a wreck. It is also not likely to ever get insured by any legit or sane underwriter, and if it was, it would be under false pretense no matter what anyone or you says. Also if you sold it to someone else and they got into trouble for it, you are looking at big problems.

Any Hummer comparison is not useful as they are completely different in many ways, not just technically.

However, it won't be that long before they start to become 49 state legal! If I were the seller, I'd stock up on the earliest years you can find, store them overseas, then wait it out as they hit the 25 year mark where road use is 100% legal, except in Ca.


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Can't delete & re-write to make a better ad.

I have two Megacruisers here, for sale, more coming. Let me know if interested in purchasing one.


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OK4WD was where I promised to bring the first L79 - Jim had a ball with it. And at said shop today, where I drove to from Allentown to Route 57 location in NJ (my mom lives 1/2 mile away) I was exceptionally pleased that they knew what it was. Immediately. Jim had also been to the LandCruiser museum where there is one, and brought some employees. I was pleased. It emptied the shop. But this is Besides the point. Jim drove the Megacruiser as well.

I'm working all day tomorrow Sunday to finish assembling the second unit with the canvas on for a photo shoot. The vehicles are here, come take a look. 2773 PA Route 309, Orefield, PA 18069 - 484-788-1910, text a few minutes before to be sure we're here, you are more than welcome to drive one. I apologize if I am not informing as you wish, but almost every BXD-10 is the same (Japanese Defense Forces Surplus), and if you know what it is, you know what it's worth. I don't care if you buy one, come drive it (you drive it, you'll want it)

I'm selling Megacruisers, gentlemen. Look, drive, feel, smell, taste, then buy if you want. What your impression of me is is of no importance to me. I have a vehicle you want. Ask anything regarding these beautiful vehicles, I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

What you are selling appears to come from the back of male cows. Did you ever refund the money for the 1992 Hilux ? You have two pages on ripoff report. And scamming electric cars as well. Nice


@Megacruisers did you deliver on your promise to bring in the L79s?
Yes the 25 year thing has been mentioned. I’m guessing he’s able to do it because he’s selling them as off road use only.

On the second question, I imagine his answer will be some snarky form of “Yes” and probably show a picture. And I believe he did. What he will fail to mention is that he was not able to sell any with a legitimate title for on-road use.


A few cautionary tales it appears....

Looks like he even "does" home renovations....
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