1996 Ford F350 7.3 4x4 243k Miles CCLB **SOLD**


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DSC_0483 by Matt Sawyer, on Flickr

My 1996 Ford F-350 7.3 CCLB 4x4 is for sale.

She has 243K miles and is slowly going up (I have a work truck so this is a camping rig for my hauling Grandby Four Wheel Camper). I have decided to upgrade to a newer 6.2 Super Duty. This is my 4th 7.3 and I know that I will regret selling it. It will be hard to find a cleaner OBS 7.3 that has been tastefully updated and hasn’t been beat on.

The motor has almost no blow by (when the oil filler cap is flipped over on the filler tube it barely vibrates).

The paint is pretty darn good for being 24 years old and the body is completely straight (there are some small rock chips and the passenger drip rail over the rear door is starting to show some light surface rust).

The truck never has to get smogged in California (due to being a pre 98 diesel).

Recent Maintenance (With receipts):


-Oil and Filter

-Trans serviced (pan dropped, new filter and fluid).

-New Red Head Steering Box.

-New Pitman Arm and Drag Link.

-New Shift Cable on Transmission.

-Fresh Transfer Case Fluid.


-Oil and Filter

-New Starter

-New Drivers side door hinges.

-Rebuild of passenger side Warn hub.

-New fan belt +auto tensioner.


-New fuel filters.


-Oil and Filter.


-Oil and Filter.


-Oil and Filter


-Fresh Front and Rear Diff Fluid.

-Serviced Transmission (pan dropped, new filter and fluid).

-Flushed Power Steering and Brake Fluids + New Fluids.

-New Upper and Lower Coolant Hoses.

-Replaced Steering Column.

-Installed Edge Insight CTS2 + EGT.

-Rebuilt left front Warn hub.


-Oil and Filter.


-New High Pressure Oil Lines.

-New Oil and Filter.

-(2) New Interstate AGM Starter Batteries.


-New IPR and ICP Sensor.

-New Fuel Filters.


-Oil and Filter + Install of Driven Diesels Dipstick Repair Kit

Misc Upgrades:

-New Bilstein 4600 Shocks Front and Rear

-New glow plug relay (White Rodgers Monster) and Starter Solenoid.

-Fumoto Quick Drain Oil Valve (makes oil changes cleaner, easier and faster).

-285/ 75r16 Goodyear Duratracs with 10k miles left on them.

-Edge backup camera.

-Custom rear swing out bumper based off of a Ruenel (designed to hold up to a 35” tire). It also holds a hi lift, has clevis mounts and a fold down table. I just put fresh marine grease in the dual sheer hinge. It is removable in about 15 minutes. Due to the larger rear fuel tank the biggest spare tire that can go in the stock location is a 235/ 85r16. I still have the stock spare tire assembly that will go with the sale.

-Front Ruenel bumper with recent updates. Everywhere that was bolted is now stick welded (with bolts now removed). The grill guard was reinforced at the edges to better withstand an animal strike. It also has tabs for four lights, clevis mounts and a 2” receiver hitch were added at the same time.

I bought this truck from an elderly gentleman in Santa Rosa. He was the third owner and owned the truck for 17 years and 145,000 (67k-212k) and he did all of the maintenance himself; it was his pride and joy. He toyed a smaller 5th wheel a few times a year over the 17 years he owned it. Previous Owner Modifications (Unfortunately he was not into keeping maintenance records):

-Beans Diesel E-Fuel Kit + Fuel Bowl Delete (with 5 and 30 micron spin on fuel filters and water separators).

-Terminator T500 HPOP.

-Updated IDM.

-1.0 Turbo

-Deep Sump Trans Pan and Aftermarket Trans Cooler.

-Electric Sliding Rear Window.

-Bellowed Up Pipes.

-Aftermarket 38 Gallon Rear Fuel Tank (+19 Front Stock Tank) with a range of 600-850 miles depending on how you are driving.

-DP Tuner Custom Tunes F5 (It is currently stuck on the stock setting due to the selector not lighting up, it is plenty powerful in “modified stock” for me so I never felt the need to diagnose it).

-Early 99 Super Duty Intercooler.

-Super Duty Disk Brake Rear End.

-Stage 1 Single Shot 160/30 Injectors.

-Upgraded E4OD with Tugger 2 Shift Kit and Precision Triple Disc Torque Converter. The transmission shifts smoothly and firmly in all gears and under load and/or WOT.

-Hydroboost Brake Conversion.

-4” Exhaust with 3” downpipe.

-Fast Fill Fuel Necks (Can fill up at the same pumps as big rigs).

Known Issues:

-Rear passenger door lock actuator gave up the ghost recently.

-DP Tuner cannot currently adjust tune on the fly (it is on stock tune setting of number 1).

Asking price $16,500 OBO
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This thing looks sweet! Where is it? Seems like somewhere in CA but its a big state. Price is probably fair. I hope you find someone that agrees


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I have gotten a few messages asking for a shot of the motor.

DSC_0519 by Matt Sawyer, on Flickr

Also I forgot to mention that the truck comes with a ton of spare parts: Belt tensioner + Belt, Alternator, Starter, CPS, Coolant Hoses and probably more I am forgetting.


Nice truck! I guess you won't be building out a utility bed for it now :cry: not that it matters now but maybe will to the new owner, you can re-boot the DP Tuner easily buy holding down the left button while turning the key on if I remember correctly. Good luck with the new truck


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@Motafinga I miss this truck for sure. Everytime that I see a clean OBS go by my head is still on a swivel.

I still plan on flat bedding or modifying a utility bed for my new to me 2014 6.2 super duty.

Won't lie the new truck is amazing in comparison to my old 7.3.