1996 Ford F-350 Quad Cab 4x Cummins Conversion


1996 Ford F-350 Quad Cab 4x long bed. Truck has been repainted and has a new interior. Truck has a Cummins 5.9 engine mated to a 5R110 transmission. Transfer case has been converted to manual operation. New drive shafts. Axle ratio is 4:10. Engine has minor tuning improvements and a snow performance water injection kit. This truck drives great and has the performance of a late model truck with the style of an old body style Ford. Located in San Diego, Ca $47,000 or best offer. 125k on engine, 103k on trans, 135k on the truck


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Updated the price in the original post. Selling for a friend as I was involved heavily in the build. He is willing to deal.
Engine control is mechanical. Injection pump has been turned up with a #10 fuel plate and 3000 rpm governor spring. Heavy valve springs were added to compensate for higher rpm. 4" exhaust was added. The factory processor controls the speedo. A/C works great.
Transmission is controlled through a stand alone controller and changes are easily made either through Diesel Conversions or you can do them yourself. Transfer case was adapted over to manual operation rather than running the GEM module. The truck was originally a manual T-case shift so that is why it was retained.
The old Ford Straight axles road pretty bad but adding an extra 800# over the front made this truck ride much nicer.

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