1995 Quigley brake rotor removal/replacement


My van only has 35k but already has badly warped rotors. I'm upgrading the pads and hope to just turn the rotors for now, since it's never been done. I'm going to upgrade to bigger, better brakes but I figured I'd get one more round out of these for now.
I watched some Youtube vids and am about halfway in. Wheels, pads and carriers are off and I removed the locking hub faces. I need to pull the big clips today and remove the wheel bearings, hubs and rotors. Looks like on my 95 the rotors are mated to the hubs with the lug studs pressing it all together. I don't know how common this is or how long they did them this way. I know how to get them apart but is it necessary to take them apart just to have my rotors turned?
Also, will I need special tools? I read somewhere I might need a 2 3/4" socket, or perhaps some other 4 sided special socket/tool. My van has a Dana 60 which Quigley told me wasn't a Dana 60 but a slightly different Ford 60??? I'm not sure why they insisted upon this as it's clearly marked Dana.

Thanks for any pointers.


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I'm not familiar with quiglley... But using the studs to hold the rotor is common practice. In some instances, there are extra bolts as well.

A socket to loosen the wheel bearings is worth getting. The studs should be pressed out in theory... I used a hammer to drive mine out because I was having to change them to a different thread pitch anyways.

Perhaps snap ring pliers may be necessary.