1994 Unimog camper


That is a cool setup, with a nice interior. Plus ‘94 is kinda modern for a unimog. “Street legal and will do 60+mph.” Wonder if the sprinter RV is its replacement?

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FOR POSTERITY: Not my truck but here is the BAT story on this truck: https://bringatrailer.com/2016/01/12/expedition-ready-1994-mercedes-benz-unimog-u-140l/
AND an old scammy ebay mirror of the original 2016 listing: http://classicvehicleslist.com/mercedes-benz/201513-1994-mercedes-unimog-expedition-camper-u140l.html

Looks like the dude in St George bought it and sold it legit. Looked pretty good. OM364 would make for, er, very sloooow going. My guess is that it was "technically" able to go 60mph at WOT. Probably not super fun. A little rough around the edges but a good platform. Here is the verbiage and pics that I could glean. Blue is from the ebay mirror (missing letters and mangled syntax is not mine). BAT page is below it:

Description for Mercedes-Benz Other 1994
Offered for sale is my 1994 Mercedes Unimog U-140L Expedition Camper. This has a powerful (136 HP) but thrifty OM-364 turbo diesel, speed main transmission, -speed transfer case, nd factory front and rear lockers.
The camper has a marine type electrical panel, witchable from line power, enerator power (generator not present) or battery power. A solar panel on the roof helps keep batteries up when engine not running. The camper has heater, ater tanks, ater heater, hower, itchen sink, tove, efrigerator and a rooftop AC unit.
Truck has about 81,500 kM (50,635 miles) on it. It cruises nicely at 60-65 MPH on level ground. It went to Burning Man last year with Jay Couch of Couch Offroadand he reported to me that it got 13 MPG overall on the drive from Colorado there and back.
The truck cab has a top hatch for viewing scenery or taking photos.
The camper is finished in a warm, igh quality wood interior, uilt by a sailboat craftsman in Florida. All the drawers are equipped with magnetic latches so things won't spill out in rough terrain. The camper is well insulated and quite sturdy.
This vehicle was featured in the original Jurassic Park movie!
This Unimog is in very goodoperating condition, ith some minor cosmetic defects that will take more TLC to make perfect if that is important to you. Items I can see or are aware of are: the paint is faded, he cabheadliner has light water stainsas a result ofa defective top hatch gasket (which has been replaced), ome camper dual panewindows are slightly fogged between panes. The electrically heated front windshield is slightly fogged in the bottom few inches. There is very slight surfacerust on the cab doors, op of roof hatch, nd front fenders. The seat covers in the cab are torn. The tachometer isinoperative. Theplastic front grill has a cracked area by one of the latches.
This rig has had about $12,544 in recent work done at a Unimog specialty shop, ouch Offroad in Denver,prior tothe Burning Man trip. Receipts are available to interested parties. Some additional work has since been done by the guys in my company shop as well (Note: we are mining contractors, ot car dealers).
Has clear Colorado title. I am only selling this because my South American travel plans have changed. My reserve is set at less than what similar Unimogs without campers are selling for. Actual VIN number is WDB4184051W900107 - EBAY's website will not accept the European VIN.
It can be viewed at the premises of Mining & Environmental Services, 121 County Rd. 308, umont, O 80436 any weekday between 8 AM and 5 PM. This is about a one hour drive from Denver International Airport, irectly West on I-70.
Serious parties with funds on hand cancall me, he Owner, ark Levin, t my office number (303) 567-4174 or on cell at (303) 570-1207 for more information,or call our shop foreman, haddeus Kehr, t the shop number (303) 567-4511 to set up a viewing appointment. The shop will beonly intermittently staffed around the holidays.
We are willing to sell internationally, ut International bidders please note: our terms are "Ex-Works" (EXW)Dumont, O, eference Incoterms 2010. (International buyers are responsible for making all shipping and customs arrangements from the time it leaves our yard and shipping is at Buyer's sole risk and expense. We will provide a clear Colorado Title, igned for transfer to the new Buyerand a notarized Bill of Sale - further documentation is Buyer's responsibility to arrange with their own export logistics company.)

Expedition Ready: 1994 Mercedes Benz Unimog U140L Camper
This 1994 Mercedes Benz Unimog U140L (VIN WDB4184051W900107) sports a custom fabricated camper shell that contains everything needed for a cross-continent trip–even a small bathroom. It looks a little rough around the edges, but is claimed to be in good operating condition with no glaring issues mentioned. There are many improvements noted throughout, and the ad claims over $12k in recent work as well. Interestingly, the seller also claims the truck had a role in the original Jurassic Park film. Find it here on eBay in Dumont, Colorado with reserve not met.
Mercedes Benz Other Unimog Expedition camper 4x4 | eBay
The camper shell appears well constructed, and is said to be well-insulated from the elements. Several double-paned windows let light in. Remaining olive drab paint is fairly faded, and sheet metal has an expected number of dings and battle scars A bit of rust can be seen on the lower door panels and fenders. A snorkel is also fitted, but the coolest feature is the giant turret hatch up top, which is facilitated by a passenger seat that converts into a viewing platform.
Mercedes Benz Other Unimog Expedition camper 4x4 | eBay
The interior seems decent, though seats are torn and some areas on the dash are clearly scuffed. The usual myriad of levers and buttons between the seats operate the 6-speed main transmission, 2-speed transfer case, and front and rear lockers. The tachometer is the only item mentioned as non-functional, and the headliner shows a bit of water damage from a leaky hatch gaske–an issue that has now been corrected.
Mercedes Benz Other Unimog Expedition camper 4x4 | eBay
The well-appointed camoper is finished in nice quality wood, and the generous height should allow standing room for most. A roof mounted A/C unit ensures comfort in warmer climes, while a fully functioning sink, shower and toilet handle hygiene duties. The kitchen area also has a stove and refrigerator, so there’s no excuse for MRE’s in this rig. There’s also plenty of storage space in the lower forward hold, and under-floor areas for the water heater, water tanks, inverters, and batteries.
Mercedes Benz Other Unimog Expedition camper 4x4 | eBay
The OM-364 diesel is said to have just over 82k kilometers indicated, and is reportedly capable of enabling the truck to cruise at 65 MPH on flat highway. “Very good operating condition” is the only term the seller uses to describe mechanicals. It does look dirty under the hood, but these motors are tough and can endure a lot of hard use.
Mercedes Benz Other Unimog Expedition camper 4x4 | eBay
The quality living space out back makes this one a serious candidate for a week-long wilderness trek, or perhaps even a few months spent crossing a continent or two.
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