1994 Northern Lite 9.6 Camper/sold


OK this camper has been gone over and then again with fixes here and there to make it a nice lightweight cab over camper. I installed a new PD9130 - 30 Amp Electronic Power Converter, new Hijacker hydraulic jacks(the kind you pump with your arm, also we installed a new escape pod last spring. BIG ALSO the camper is isn't friendly for the newer truck beds, it's about 58.5-58.75 inches across the last section that goes into the truck bed. I modified my 2006 Dodge bed at the very back to allow the camper to slip in easier.

We removed the kitchen table to give us more room for camping so you'd have to find a table to suit you if this was something you wanted, we sealed off the sewer hose storage area because it just went into the camper exterior sandwich. We now carry the sewer hose in a nice 6 inch lightweight drain pipe on the tailgate area. We removed the linoleum floor and use a removable carpet. We also removed that heavy god awful mattress that NL had in it what we use is the extra thick REI Deluxe sleeping pads, these are similar to the Thermorest pads but sold by REI, so this is an item you'll need to buy.

Shower works, stove works, refrigerator works (a three way), furnace works, comes with two propane bottles, water pump works, all holding tanks are solid no leaks. There is no A/C, no radio, no TV, no satellite antenna this is a camper for camping not laying about watching the tube. We've used it for camping, fishing, hunting etc., great base to come home to for eats and sleep.

We live in Juneau, Alaska so this is a commitment if you want to look at it unless you have someone here to give it viewing.
Reason for selling: I moved home no need for camper I can sleep in my boat.

Asking $3200.00
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