1994 International 4x4 RV Mechanical DT466 w/Allison 2400W solar $110k


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Killer drive train on this one. A little big for my taste and inside is average but helluva a truck with tons of solar 2400w but only 400ah of batteries? I had thought about getting one of these dump trucks for years since I do excavation and landscaping on the continental divide but been able to get by with my 4x4 F550 dump it's better to be smaller on a lot of the forest service roads and cabins we need to get to.



With that small of a battery bank either there’s no cloudy days where this lives or all the statements about the inverter running everything really rely on the engine idling. I can’t imagine that engine being a sipper


The batteries only need to power stuff at night. That typically is not a lot of energy.
We have 1,160W of PV. With 100% of cloud cover we can still be collecting 20A into our 12V batteries. That is more than enough to power the fridge and freezer and to recharge from the previous night.
Couple of days ago in light rain the solar was still producing 6A. Still more that the fridge and freezer needed.
The more solar you have, the less battery capacity you need.

ICEs don't need much fuel to idle while doing no work at 1500rpm. Ours is about 600ml per hour. A bit more for the alternator when it is charging the batteries. 500ml per HP from memory.

Adding more batteries is a bit like opening a new bank account without increasing your income. You will NOT be better off financially.
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We have 210ah and we can burn through that pretty quick in the winter months where heater fan is blowing a lot of the night and days are short for solar charge so I'd think you'd have similar issues with a 400ah and bigger rig like this, I would think a 2 day snowstorm could leave you down pretty low on battery. I guess that's when you fire up the generator or engine.


I was in contact with the owner the day he listed it on CL. Tons of back and forth questions. Then flew up over this past weekend went through the rig and ended up purchasing it. It is one stout RV! Couldn't be happier. There is tons more to it than was listed in the ad.

Drove it from WI to home in FL without a hitch!

Looking forward to doing a few personalizations and some mods, but as it sits it is ready to go, anywhere.


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Sweet. I'm a mobile mechanic for the International dealer in Spokane. If you want PM the last 8 of the VIN and I can look up some build info for you.


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Awesome! Please post something with pics. The CL ad was deleted since you bought it. Need to see more!


Awesome! Please post something with pics. The CL ad was deleted since you bought it. Need to see more!
I will end up starting a thread on this rig as I finally think I found the "one" for me!


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