1992 Four Wheel Pop Up Camper


its time the camper and i part ways, home ownership has taken its toll and its just not getting out as much as it should...i made multiple posts so some of you may be familiar with the unit but here is a brief run down...

1992 Ranger II model
loaded, sink, stove, furnace, icebox, wood floors, queen bed, fold out couch, removable table, screen door, custom arctic pack, rear steps, yakima rack and box.

i really love this camper and have taken very good care of it. the unit is in great, if not excellent condition.

i am looking for a topper so a trade would definately be considered.

i am asking $4000 obo

its been a great camper and i am sad to see it go but it needs to be out on the road. thanks

cheers! erod


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Needs to get out more
Just a quick question here...what does this size of FWC accommodate? (# of people?)


thanks for checkin out the thread...the camper sleeps 4 comfortably, 2 up top on the queen bed and two on the fold out. the arctic pack is made with reflectix metallic bubble wrap which is inturn wrapped tightly with cotton. works very well and the cotton cuts down drastically on moisure build up and looks cool too! cheers!


Rendezvous Conspiracy
erod- Your Taco/FWC combo has always been one of my favorite rigs on Expo.

This is a good deal. Even though I'm not in the market for a FWC I bet I'll kick myself later for not buying this.