1991 Toyota Hilux 4x4 RV - jdm import

Recently imported a 1991 Toyota Hilux 4x4 RV from Japan to USA. Right-hand drive, 3L diesel. Built by Kato Motor Co. Japan.

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I’m new to the AdventureMobile thing. Learning new things everyday.

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Very cool hilux. Did you work with Sodo motors on importing this? I'm currently looking at the Hiace they have for sale on their site, but by the time i'm ready to pull the trigger, i'm sure it will be long gone. I'd like to know if they would help me find and import another.
Adam of SodoMoto assisted with the import. His shop is very cool and knows anything about importing and well priced. Even if your not quite ready to buy I’d suggest stopping by his shop to get you what you want or even just check out his shop.

You must be eyeing this one.. very cool!

it was actually a full on rv with a 2.4 diesel I believe. It’s already gone as I assumed it would be. I want the exact thing, though, I worry about sourcing parts at local stores, were something to break.

Looked like this.