1991 Toyota HiAce in Christiansburg, VA


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I was introduced to these Japanese import vehicles by my dad, and now my whole #vanlife conversion plan has changed! I think for the better!

Anyway, I am now looking to buy this 1991 Toyota HiAce Custom Grand Cabin Van from Duncan Imports in Christiansburg, Virginia (24073). I am looking for advice on a 3rd party inspection around there, or if someone is in the area who could check it out for me.

Also, does anyone know of, or have bought from, Duncan Imports themselves? reliability? They mention financing through lightstream.com as well, has anyone done this?

The vehicle itself seems to meet all of my #vanlife criteria and be in beautiful shape! https://www.duncanimports.com/used/Toyota/1991-Toyota-HiAce-e55864d30a0e08b9073e80850e72816f.htm <<link to the van! All advice welcome and appreciated!


My son goes to college near this place. I have seen some really nice looking stuff at there lot. They seem to focus on Toyota.

At the end of the day, you are buying a 30-year vehicle that was never sold in this country. You have to be willing to turn wrenches or have a trusted mechanic that loves a challenge. You aren't going to get everything done at Firestone or all your parts from Napa without a lot of research. I have 3 of these types of vehicles. You have to be resourceful. Normally I would just buy new parts but now I have to think rebuild, import, and used.
I just imported motor mounts from Australia.

One good thing with the Hi Ace is that they are in almost every country except the USA.



I love JDm vans. However, why one of these instead of a similarly priced Econoline? Toyota might be more reliable, but when something breaks you will spend a week in a napa parking lot waiting for it to be shipped to you. They aren't that cheap, or that big. I would recommend at least looking at one in person before committing. They are basically the same as a minivan. $13k is a lot of money for a starting point.