1990 Daihatsu Rocky: Reddy the Rocky


This is confirmed by my F300 shop manual. I'm not familiar with differences of other country versions or other "F" number versions. Seems like a database error in the Parts selection software or a incorrect part photo. Any thoughts?
The US Rocky is correctly listed on the shop manual as an F300. Truthfully, though, it's more like an "F310" and you can even see this a few different places. I know that there is a lot of literature in auto parts stores here that claim the part works when it doesn't. An example is the thermostat. Literature will say that the t-stat is the same as the 4-cyl 22r family Toyota but this is incorrect. The Dai requires a jiggle pin in the t-stat that the 22 does not.

I had to source all of my suspension parts in Australia (torsion bars, etc.) but you can find Bilsteins in America and other brands that will work for shocks. If you want stock stuff, Rock Auto has you covered, and the KYB shocks seem to be well-liked for just driving around.

Another problem is when I've driven it around it runs normally most of the time but then it will begin to lose power and begin to buck like it's got low fuel pressure. It slows to a crawl but will keep moving with just slight throttle. If I stop and shut off the engine for a minute then start again it will run normally again for a while. It's like there's something interfering with the fuel pick-up in the tank and getting sucked into it. When you shut it off the object floats away and all is clear for awhile. Any other ideas? I haven't replaced the fuel filter yet.
Fuel filter should get done immediately. If you haven't replaced it, buy two. Drive around with the new one, and then let that one clog. Then put the new one on. I have heard people use a reusable but I do not know if that worked for them or not.


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Thanks much. I'll try replacing the filter, was going to anyway but needed to test drive it some. I also volunteer at a military air museum and we restore vehicles too. We have encountered trash in the old fuel tanks that caused the fuel flow problems I described. A quick temporary fix was to blow air in reverse flow to push an obstruction out of the fuel line so we could drive it back to the shop.
I have front KYB's being shipped. I'll check Bilsteins and Rock Auto.


I searched Google and typed this:

f300 + "shock absorbers"

and I found a bunch of choices. Obviously, check that they will fit, etc... but they are out there