1989 VW LT 40 4x4 PRICE: $36,900


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Super rare find. Only selling because, you know, life happens, original plans to build out and travel the Pan-American Highway have been thwarted.If you have no idea what this is see article on this van herehttps://expeditionportal.com/featured-vehicle-1989-vw-lt/

If you know, it's got the straight 6 turbo-diesel, front and rear lockers, lifted, 167,789 km, very little rust. Pretty much a blank canvas for a buildout. Walls and wiring are in place, solar panel on top, light bar, fan-tastic vent fan, custom wheel and container racks on rear. TA tires, I bought a better snorkel, but not mounted yet. I've got a fridge, water tank, inverter, etc for the build. Air-ride seats. I will post more details shortly. Better photos coming as well.

Here's a tour of the drivetrain.
What I know she needs. U-joints. The lockers have a leak and don't work currently. Some rust is starting to show itself in some of the body joints. Could use a tune up, she's running rich. I had a sticky brake caliper up front, I think that's sorted, but now the brakes need bleeding. Probably wouldn't hurt for all new fluids. I've had her for the last 3-4 years, she's mostly sat. For the most part I drive her once in a while around town or the neighborhood, just to keep things happier. So many waves, thumbs up and smiling faces when people see her.

No joy rides, proof of funds required before test drive. Thanks.​



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Did you buy this from Sunny or from the Syncho dealership on the east coast? (forget the dealers name)

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