1989 Jeep seXJ. A comprehensive guide to polishing a turd.


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Greetings overland community. This is a build page for my 1989 Jeep XJ. Let’s get started... bought the Jeep earlier this spring. Previous owner had swapped in a rear D44 out of an international scout and had also converted the cooling system to an open system. I pulled it out of a backyard and got to work on it. My goals was a capable trail rig that I can take camping for a few days at a time. Since I live in Southern Utah, most trails are easily accessible and so taking long highway stretches really isn’t necessary. Here’s what it has so far: Rubicon Express 5.5 inch Long Arm lift kit. 15” method race wheels. 35” BFG M/T KM3. DirtBound Front Winch Bumper. Safari Snorkel. Rear Disk Brake conversion. Ruff Stuff steering upgrade. Front Runner Roof Top Tent. Front Runner Roof rack. Front runner Fuel can mount. Dual battery kit from Luna. Dometic CFX-75DZW. SYE from advanced Adapters. Really looking to see what this overland thing is all about!



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congrats on the purchase. jeep looks good. looking foward to getting out myself and explore the PNW.

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Why not 33*10.5 tires? 35s are huge on a XJ and not needed for broverlanding and negatively affect acceleration, steering, and braking.

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How are you going to handle the different wheel lug patterns front and rear relative to a spare tire?
What gears are you running/planning to run? (I found 4.56 axle gears to be pretty well matched to 35 inch tires; both highway and off road)... Getting adequate (4 wheel disk) brakes was a different problem entirely.