1988 Toyota Van / Vanwagon LE 4wd 5spd


1988 Toyota Van / Vanwagon LE 4wd 5spd

This van is being sold by a guy who I know through toyotavans.net This is one of the best looking and built vans out there. Sadly he has to sell it due to identity theft (damn thieves :chair: ), but I believe it is worth every penny he's asking for it. Some of you have seen how well my trusty rusty van does in the dunes at Surf n Turf and the Pismo Jamboree, now just imagine doing that in a clean built van with all the bells and whistles. Check it out and let your friends know about it
Make sure you read the whole ad, as it is very well written and has a lot of good info on these vans.
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That is indeed a sweet van. I've seen it around the net a bit (other than that, not affiliated, etc). I really like the Yotavans and always chuckle when I see how suprised people are at their off road prowess.

If you've thought about off road vans, this is a lot of little van.
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