1988 Suburban, 35K original miles


A beauty. My only concern would have been the vehicle wasn't driven enough. That can be almost as bad as too many miles.


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I disagree. Chatted with the seller a couple times, and it was stored inside, driven an an average of 5 miles/day for 300 days/yr. Brake pedal wear was more from getting in and out, and driving to calls in city traffic. The only down side I saw was all city short distance trips, but in a warm SoCal location. The other big plus was the maintenance records were in tact, avg oil change interval was 300 miles, and it was an important piece of equipment for a fire dept, so always in prime shape. How many trucks w/ 36k miles have the transmission serviced twice? And all preventative as they cannot afford it to be unreliable... Just my 2c.

Adventure Jeep

You may vary well be right.... I hope the buyer is happy. I keep looking for a nice low mile older unit and will find one someday.


I believe there are several other factors with fire/police/utility co rigs including idle time. I'd assume these rigs are well maintained, but there are smaller/low budget cities cruising the streets in Chevrolet Luminas (yikes!!!) and early 7.3 diesels (btw, great motor) hand me down fire fighting rigs. While it's a very clean rig, I suppose us Washingtonians are spoiled a
bit as we don't have extreme heat or salted roads (at least my area). Lots of these rigs still roaming the streets with original paint.
My reaction to the auction results..."Well Sold."
If the buyer is happy, that's all that matters.

X2 on incredible rigs Rover Trader has sold.
Glad you don't sell Toyotas!!! I think I'd be making trips to the other coast.
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Thanks forn the kind words Adventure Jeep and Rozzi- I really wanted to gut the interior, what little there was, and do four suspension seats, and a complete build, but kinda glad it went elsewhere as they always get out of control dollar wise.
Just finishing this JK, 3.5" AEV with 37" KM2s here, but changed to 37" BFG A/Ts and awaiting custom 1" spacers.
And yes, we could always do a Toy- had several over the years, FJ55, 60, and a 62. I have shipped many a Defender to the left coast ;-)